3 Ways to Drive ROI Using Video Marketing

If you are an entrepreneur looking to increase your visibility and generate interest, then online video should be a tool in your repertoire. Why? The human brain is wired for the audio-visual experience and one of the best ways to tap into the consumer neural network is through video marketing.

According to a April 2014 study by comScore, more than 187 million Americans watched 46.6 billion online videos last month, while video ad views totaled 28.7 billion.

Why is this important for you to launch and grow your audience? You might be surprised to know that it is not about making commercials and the hope of a voracious and viral spread. Rather video can help you engage viewers and motivate them to take action, such as clicking over to your website or other marketing collateral.

Creating Quality Video

To market your products and and services effectively, video quality is quite possibly one of the largest aspects of successful video
marketing. However, video quality is more than just the camera you use and the editing software you use. In fact, many high quality productions are developed using a good smartphone camera and decent software.

High quality videos engage the viewer and leave them wanting more. Thus, the storyline is as important as the look and feel. Commercials and promotions using many of the widely used advertising techniques can help drive interest. However, many companies are opting for the more driving visibility and awareness by creating a persona. Examples include employee profiles, interviews, and testimonials.


YouTube has become one of the best online locations for video promotion. Which also means that it’s crowded with videos of your neighbors cat. Yet, it is still the prime viewing location on the Internet because of the unique search algorithms inherent in the platform. Adding and distributing your videos to other less crowded channels can help increase your chances for success. From Vimeo to Hulu, your newsletter, website and targeted online forums and blogs, social media to press releases; distribution of your great content can help spread your story.

Will it Work

Many entrepreneurs expect video marketing to immediately generate results. Yet, how do you justify the
expense of creating videos if all you have is anecdotal evidence? The true value of online video is only worthwhile if the marketer knows what to measure real results. While number of video views are important, if the audience isn’t compelled or driven into the sales funnel by a call to action or a easy method for moving further, then online video might seem like wasted time and effort.

Is your company using online video? Are you telling a story or hoping for viral sharing? Let us know in the comments section below.

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