How to Add Emoticons/Smileys in Blogger Comments?

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Saturday, January 4, 2014







How to Add Emoticons/Smileys in Blogger Comments?

Add Emoticons and Smileys into Blogger.Some friends messages to ask about adding smileys into your blog so i decide to create a tutorial about it.Emoticons/Smileys are an excellent way of making your blog

more beautiful and fun. “Emoticon” in blog comments will look cool.

not supported smileys but use some

& coded and add emoticons/smileys into blogger comments.In all there are 33 smileys and emoticons that can be added to the Blogger comments with various animated smileys available. Also we learn on next tutorial how to add emoticons and smileys into blogger post.Demo is available on your blog go to

session and let’s see what’s look like.How to Add Emoticons/Smileys into Blogger?To do this just follow the steps:Go to Blogger Dashboard  >>> TemplatePlease! Download backup of your Now click on Edit HTMLUse Ctrl+F to find Then copy and paste below code above/before it.



Gud post

b-( (h)Thankyou! it works for my blog This is great! (h) (h)Gud post tnx

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