5 Fun and Painless Ways to Save Money

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While it may be tough times economically, it’s always important to be smart and have FUN, especially when it comes to saving money. Here’s 5.5 hot tips to save money without feeling poor…

1. Stash your $5 bills

2. Spare Change Goes A Long Way

3. Recycle

4. Craigslist, Craigslist, Craiglist

5. Quickly Boost Your Credit Score

5.5 Eliminate Interest

Let’s expand on each of these fun and painless ways to save more money…1. Stash your $5 bills ” STOP spending your five dollar bills and start saving them. Use an envelope, piggy bank or secret spot, and deposit them into your savings account every month. You’d be surprised, it could pay for a Nice Vacation every year!2. Spare Change Goes A Long Way ” Save your change, never spend it. It adds up! Also, many banks now have free coin counters to make it easier to turn coins into cash, as well as programs that transfer your change from each debit card transaction into a separate savings account to make it even easier.3. Recycle ” We spend a lot of money on soda, bottled water, beer or wine. Start saving your bottles and cans to cash in and add to your savings account. Fun Idea: Instead of going out with friends where drinks are expensive, invite them over for a little “byo” party at your place. Not only can you save money on a good time, but you can recycle the cans and bottles from your party and come out ahead!4. Craigslist, Craigslist, Craigslist ” Buy (or sell) used designer clothes, shoes and furnishing from CraigsList or eBay, even Consignment Stores, and you’ll find your favorite fun fashions at huge bargains.5. Quickly Boost Your Credit Score ” Quick Trick = Call 888-5-OPTOUT to “permanently opt out of pre-approved credit offers”. This will eliminate most of your junk mail and give you a 2-10 point boost on each of your three credit scores within one business week. Better credit can save you significant money on your home, car or any kind of financing.5.5. Eliminate Interest ” If you have good credit and are paying interest on credit card debt, then simply using your good credit to transfer debt to a 0% card is a smart move to eliminate finance charges and lower monthly payments, saving you a ton of money you can have more fun with. This also improves your debt to income ratio, which further improves your credit credit score. Just watch out for “Balance Transfer Fees” of 3-5%. If you shop around and read the terms for just a few minutes, you can find credit card offers for 0% for 6-24 months WITH NO balance transfer fees. For the top current offers, click here: http://www.debtgotoguy.com/solutions/balance-transfer-cards/

Put each of these tips to work for you and you’ll quickly begin saving more money and having a lot more fun!
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