5 Tips to Remove Tough Carpet Stains

We’ve all been there before. Someone accidentally spills a drink, your 2-year-old accidentally spills your nail polish or the dog knocks over a candle with his tail, all on your nice, plush carpeting. All will of course leave a terrible stain, but don’t call a carpet cleaning company just yet. You can get these stains out yourself with just a few helpful cleaning tips.Candle Wax Stains

Here’s what you’ll need: a dull knife, paper towel or newspaper, and an iron.


Allow the candle wax to harden completely.

Scrape off excess wax with a dull knife.

Lay out a paper towel or newspaper over the wax and use a warm iron on top of the paper.

The wax will soak into the paper towel or the newspaper and off of your carpet.

Iron a little longer if the wax didn’t remove completely.Nail Polish Stains

Here’s what you’ll need: rubbing alcohol and a microfiber cloth.


Pour rubbing alcohol onto a microfiber cloth.

Gently scrub the polish and watch it disappear.

Rubbing alcohol, unlike nail polish remover, doesn’t have any color removing properties or odor, so it won’t harm your carpet’s color. It’s also quick drying.Red Wine Stains

Here’s what you’ll need: table salt, club soda, and a clean cloth.


Use regular table salt and pour directly onto the stain to absorb the liquid.

Then blot your carpet with some club soda and a clean cloth. The stain will disappear.Latex Paint Spills (still wet)

Here’s what you’ll need: disposable dry cloths or rags, water, laundry soap, scrub brush, and a wet vacuum cleaner.


Soak up as much of the wet paint with disposable dry cloths or rags.

Pour water onto the spill to drench the spot and then use a wet vacuum to vacuum up the water and the paint. Continue to go over the spot as much as needed.

Use a scrub brush and laundry detergent to get any remaining color out of the carpet.Latex Paint Stain (dried)

Here’s what you’ll need: dull knife, wet vacuum, water, detergent, and scrub brush.

Use the dull knife to remove any excess hardened paint.

Drench the area with water and use the wet vacuum to remove the water and paint from the carpet.

Use the scrub brush and laundry detergent to remove any remaining color.

Try these cleaning tips the next time you have a carpet stain catastrophe and try to remove the stain yourself. If needed, calling a professional carpet company like Carpeteria for advice.← How To Decorate Your Yard With Wooden Wagon WheelsHow To Make Sure Your Flower Bulbs Grow ‘

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