5 Top Tech Tools To Ace Hiring (& Why They’re Awesome)

Finding talent that is the best fit for a business can result in overwhelming days and sleepless nights, an uphill battle for recruiters still relying on ancient tools to proceed with their hiring missions. In this age of automation, technology has transformed the hiring landscape with tech savvy businesses already leading the race for best candidates- but wait, you can still catch up!

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Want to accelerate hiring and discover a side to HR that is high on cost savings and low on stress? Our hand picked list of 5 tech tools is the perfect place to get started with your recruitment strategy revamp.


  1. Talentera


It’s easy to let manual recruitment inefficiencies increase not just your time-to-hire, but the talent acquisition costs as well. Talentera is a world-class ATS that single handedly works harder to streamline hiring through an extensive feature set including swift resume search tools, candidate assessments, interview scheduling, recruitment analytics, automated candidate correspondence and job marketing to name a few.


Helping organizations breaking away from outdated practices, Talentera is the perfect gear shift to achieve a branded careers website and overcome all recruitment grievances. Get ready to make talent management a priority with additional gains including a remarkably user-friendly interface.


  1. Linkedin


Providing access to a vast passive and active job seeker pool that grows everyday, the famous recruitment portal simplifies talent sourcing for hiring managers. Allowing candidates to build profiles that reflect their professional experience and skill sets, recruiters can conduct keyword searches, connect with promising talent, communicate via inbox messages, and even use peer recommendations as signals of the prospect’s potential.


Allowing companies to post jobs, businesses can also build their custom company pages to strengthen their employer brand building in order to create a positive impression that attracts top talent.


  1. vFairs : Virtual Career & Job Fairs


Gone are the days of traditional career and job fairs in tight physical settings with soaring cost of logistics, event set up, marketing collateral and limited accessibility. Virtual event hosting is a stellar solution to expand participation to a global job seeker audience; organizations can connect with a diverse candidate pool at a fraction of the usual cost in a convenient online setting.


Equipped with impressive features, vFairs provides audio/video/textual chat to communicate with prospects, customized booths to amplify business branding, downloadable resources, and even live webinar hosting to engage audiences. Companies can incorporate resume parsing into the event platform to instantly match vacancies with the right talent. Achieve excellent recruitment results for exceptional ROI- all without leaving your desk.


  1.  ScanShake: Physical Event Management


It’s time to bid farewell to paper-based resume exchanges between employers and job seekers. ScanShake empowers employers with tremendous efficiency, organization benefits and cost savings. A fully customizable and edgy mobile platform, employers simply scan the unique QR code (generated by ScanShake’s Visitor app) to collect all visitor details they need at recruitment events.


Reducing paper trails and revolutionizing quick information swapping, exhibitors enjoy the freedom of capturing key candidate information in a searchable format to deep-dive into profile analysis, or import into other HRMS systems. Needless to say, effortless resume management in no longer a dream.

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  1. Workable


When hiring pain points gain momentum, this is a glaring red flag that cannot go unaddressed. Workable is a competent ATS that breathes fresh life into your recruitment strategy by enhancing candidate experience, and provides a range of other features including resume shortlisting, job post promotion, automated interview scheduling and helping employers track the success of their efforts with detailed analytics.


Taking the hassle out of tedious workflows, employers can save clicks and time by triggering automated responses. Visual pipelines provide job status updates and trackable communications to support focused collaboration, meanwhile bringing good hiring decisions within company reach.




From applicant tracking systems, instant resume capturing to virtual event hosting, select your favorite, or pair a few of these technologies together- it’s up to you. Leveraging the power of HR solutions to amp up your hiring, job seeker experience, and talent management is a consistent effort to find great employees that drive your business success. Don’t delay, get started today to experience the benefits first hand- we’re confident you’ll never look back.

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