6 Benefits Of Drinking Monavie Juice

For centuries, the indigenous tribes inhabiting the Amazon jungle have benefited from a potent drink, prepared by mixing the juice of acai berries with other nutrient dense local fruits which are freely available in the Amazon jungle. After many years of intense research, a proprietary health drink was launched to enable people through out the world to enjoy the potent properties of the amazing acai berry fruit.

Prepared from a secret blend of almost nineteen nutrient dense fruits, with the potent Brazilian Acai berry featuring prominently in the ingredient list, the MonaVie juice is supposed to contain a cocktail of the most beneficial antioxidants. Drinking MonaVie juice regularly is supposed to protect the body from the ravaging effects of free radicals.

Monavie Juice

Besides fighting free radicals, the manufacturers of this miracle juice also claim that this drink can improve a person’s overall health and well being dramatically. MonaVie juice which is sold in many different blends addresses a range of health issues including high cholesterol problem, poor immunity levels and severe joint pain.

Some wonderful health benefits of drinking MonaVie juice are listed below.

Benefits Of Drinking Monavie Juice

Rich In Essential Nutrients

MonaVie juice contains a host of essential vitamins and minerals. Vitamins B1, B2, B3 along with vitamins E and C are just some of the important vitamins contained in this juice. MonaVie juice is also touted to be rich in minerals like calcium and phosphorous.

Numerous trace minerals and amino acids are also present in this miracle health drink. The highly concentrated amounts of vitamins, amino acids and minerals which are present in this juice makes MonaVie a superior brand of health drink.

Enables Absorption Of Antioxidants

As mentioned earlier MonaVie juice contains numerous antioxidants. Anthocyanins and flavonoids are just two of the specific antioxidants present in this brand of fruit juice.

MonaVie juice is prepared in a manner which enables the quick absorption of powerful antioxidants by the human body. So drinking just four ounces of MonaVie juice every day ensures that the daily recommended amounts of phyto-nutrients and antioxidants are easily met.

High In Fiber

MonaVie juice is a high fiber drink. Doctors recommend this drink to those patients who suffer from severe constipation. The fiber content of this drink is so high, a single ounce of MonaVie juice contains one gram of fiber – which is much more than what is contained in other ordinary fruit juices.

Improves Joint Health

Individuals who suffer from debilitating joint aches and pains should make it a point to drink MonaVie juice regularly.

The MonaVie Active brand of fruit juice is rich in a naturally occurring amino acid called glucosamine. This amino acid when taken as a supplement is known to reduce stiffness and joint pain among arthritis patients.

Low Sodium Drink

Unlike other health drinks, the MonaVie juice is extremely low in sodium. In fact two full ounces of the MonaVie Essential health drink contains just ten milligrams of sodium. A low sodium diet can substantially reduce a person’s risk of suffering from high blood pressure and heart diseases later on in life.

Low Glycemic Index

The low glycemic index of this health drink ensures that lower amounts of sugar enter the blood stream. Similarly, a single glass of this juice can keep a person feeling full for longer periods of time.

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