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is a game of four-player cooperative action, where we can control some of the most charismatic of the universe Marvel , including Iron-Man, Starlord, Captain America, Thor and Spider-Man. The game system of

is very simple, and will allow us to control three characters simultaneously. Before each battle we have to choose which three superheroes we want to take into battle, choosing from all who have unlocked (start with Hulk, Iron Man and Gamora). Once the action has begun, we were simply click on the picture of any of them to change the character. The main gameplay of

is the cooperative for four players. In this game mode, players will have 45 seconds to try to kill more enemies than the other players. To this end they may use all the special abilities of their characters, which of course are not few.

is a game of simple but fun action, which has an exceptional graphical section. Good use of the Marvel license, with potential to please both adults and children.

Marvel Mighty Heroes


REAL-TIME 4-PLAYER CO-OP BATTLES – For the first time ever on Mobile, play as your favorite Marvel characters with up to 3 other players online in REAL-TIME! Play together in 4-player co-op battles against Marvel’s most dangerous villains and minions. You will also take 3 heroes with you to switch between in the heat of combat!

ASSEMBLE YOUR TEAM OF HEROES – Will you assemble The Avengers? Guardians of the Galaxy? Or will you create a unique Marvel group of your own? There are more characters to choose from than ever before! Discover multiple suits for every character, amass a Mighty army of your favorite Marvel Heroes or Villains and be ready to take on whatever challenges may be ahead.

PLAY FOR YOUR TEAM, PLAY FOR GLORY – Your team’s duty will be to fight for each other in the pursuit to defend the Marvel Universe. Don’t let your teammates take all the glory though, as you can battle your way to the top of the leaderboard for daily and weekly rewards that will help you rise to the top!


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