Grants Awarded

Grants are awarded yearly

by the 622 Education Foundation.  Applications are written by

staff or students from ISD 622, and read by a team comprised of

foundation directors, teachers, administrators and


Since 1999, more than 300 innovative

grants have been awarded.  The dollar value of those grants

exceeds $500,000; the educational value is priceless.  Your

help is needed to continue this effort.  Please go to the

link to see the many ways you may make

a tax-exempt contribution to the 622 Education


Following is a list of grants awarded in

December, 2006.  Details of these — or other — grants may be

obtained by clicking on


sending us your request.


SheltonTartan High

$1,400 for “New Student


Student group discussions (4

sessions) to meet and get to know other new



LeermannMaplewood Middle School

$1,892 for “Learning with


Groups of students will use

Lego kits to design experiments, test variables, and compare

results with classmates

Tina RappeRichardson


$1600 for “World


SmartGlobe software allows

students to learn about global neights through activities,

capitals, languages, currency, history and current



BrunerSkyview Middle School

$2,000 for “Feedback


The Quizdom system allows

teachers to ask questions and students to enter answers.

Monitor allows teachers to see who has monitored the concept

and pinpoint struggling students.

Muriel Bianchi, J.

Stahlmann and C. YangWeaver Elementary

$1,200 for “My Life-My


35 ESL students will use

disposable cameras for photos at home and school. Each

will create a book that will be read at a special “Author’s



KnudsonTartan High School

$1,920 for “Grif & Loss

Toolbox & Support Materials”

Counselors will initiate grief

and loss conversations by providing materials to students as

they process their loss.

Rob KiihnNorth High


$5,000 for “Laser Engraver

& Multiple Technological Uses”

To be used by the majority of

Industrial Tech classes to transfer images or drawings into

real items made from a variety of materials, by using a


Travis StewartJohn

Glenn Middle School

$1,600 for “Know Newton’s


The exploration of Newton’s

Laws of Motion through hands-on development and tsting of a

4-foot scale Trebujet.

K. A. Spaeth, J. Shen,

B. Bruner, A. Volkman, S. Knutt, J. HalbergSkyview

Middle School

$1,671 for Polydrons

Math students will use

Polydrons to study the MN State Standards in spatial sense,

geometry and measurement.

Niki Beck, Kathryn

MargetJohn Glenn Middle School

$1,970 for “Geography


8th grade high potential

social studies students will use the program curriculum to

view, analyze and understand the world around


Vicki SmoyerHarmony

Alternative Learning Program

$505 for “Orienteering &


Students will use compasses

and orienteering skills to learn various math, science and

physical education curriculums.

Heidi FinkHarmony

Alternative Learning Center (PRIME ALC)

$800 for “Save a


Purchase of mannequins to be

available for teaching classes for teen mothers and FLC

mothers for whom this is an important skill.

Michelle DzikHarmony ALC


$500 for “PRIME Kids


To fund the beginning of Young

Adult literature library for students

Deb KratzHarmony Learning


$350 for “Turning Trash to

Treasured Toys”

25 parents from the Teen

Parenting Program will create a variety of toys to take home,

to augment and extend the literacy programming done at school

with their children.

Glenda Hume

-District Education Center

$2,500 for “The Story of


8th through 12th graders will

perform the history of Minnesota for elementary and middle


Bonnie Whitehill

-Oakdale Elementary School

$660 for “Kindergarten Summer


Students who score low in

basic school skills will work with a kindergarten teacher in

order to be prepared for school.

Charity Olson, Liz

Waeghe, Laurie Williams, Karen Wolking -Eagle Point

Elementary School

$1,980 for “BLAST – Better

Learning After Sensory Teaching room project”

To develop a sensory lending

library and sensory break room available to all students but

especially special education students within the building who

need sensory adaptations.

Kathryn Marget, Deb

Kipp, Corey Miller Maplewood, Skyview & John Glenn

Middle Schools

$2,456 for “Junior Great

Books:  Developing ‘Thinking Readers’ ”

To purchase Jr. Great Books

anthologies to use with high-ability language arts cluster


Deb Kratz – Harmony

Alternative Learning Center

$250 for “Mothers Create

Individualized Books for Their Children”

25 parents from the Family

Learning Center/Teen Parenting Program will create

individualized children’s books for their own children to take


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