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MULE is a ridiculously fun and addictive strategy game that combines real-time and turn-based styles as you battle for land and resources on a newly colonized planet. The game is easy to grasp but provides great depth of game-play.

INTELLIGENT GAMEPLAYA smart game for smart players. MULE is an easy game to learn but provides a myriad of possibilities of strategy. Should you focus on one resource? Should you be a jack-of-all trades?

FAITHFUL TO ORIGINALThe core of the game is faithful to the original MULE game. Characters, maps, and behaviors have been kept intact.

MULE THEME REMIXESThree MULE remixes included to keep your foot tapping!

ACHIEVEMENTS AND LEADERBOARDSRack up your score and earn those achievements to demonstrate your prowess to all. Can you catch the Wampus 10 times?

NO IN-APP PURCHASESNothing else to buy. No gems. No crystals. No ads. Pure gaming!

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Installation Method / ‘MULE Returns’ for PC:

After you are done with the download and installation of the emulator of your Choice all you need to do is download the game and run it on your PC, for that simply follow the guide given Below. You can also select the Method of your Choice from here, Simply click the button at the bottom to navigate to the Next method.

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