7-eleven Do’s & Don’ts of Starting Your Own Business

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Answer these questions, and get started on the right foot

The Dos

  1. Do dream BIG/ think BIG

How can you change the world with your idea, and not just make money?

  1. Do network and build business relationships

Who do you know that has accomplished what you are trying to do? Who has
expertise and experience that you could utilize?

  1. Do fill a void in the marketplace

What is missing? What in the marketplace can be improved upon?

  1. Do become different, innovative and creative

What is the competition lacking? How can you put a new spin on what they do?

  1. Do have passion for your company, your product or service

Does your business deal with something that you enjoy?

  1. Do have fun

Are you having fun each and every day you operate your company?

  1. Do retain equity and “Do It Yourself”

Are you doing as much of the work yourself? Or have you hired others or partnered up?

  1. Do budget low

How can you get done what you need (i.e., marketing, web development, etc), at the minimal price possible?

  1. Do Stay focused regardless of road blocks and the struggling economy

Are you discouraged or distracted?

  1. Do learn as much as you can

Have you utilized those relationships I mentioned in question #2? Have you utilized the power of the Internet to gather valuable information to make your job easier and your business run smoother?

  1. Do get noticed and create buzz

Are you putting yourself out there? Have you utilized free online social networks and reached out to your target audience and let them know that you are in business?

 The Donts

  1. Don’t focus on the money

Do you want to simply make money? Or do you want to feed your passion and do something that you enjoy and are interested in?

  1. Don’t quit your day job

Are you looking for the “Get Rich Quick Scheme”? Without investment funding, where do you think your funds will come from?

  1. Don’t put off for tomorrow, what you can get done today

Are you motivated to make your dream happen?

  1. Don’t sleep on your dream

Are you focused more on other life situations, than you are on making your business a success?

  1. Don’t sacrifice yourself and what makes you happy

Are you miserable with operating your business? Do you actually enjoy what the business accomplishes and how it accomplishes it?

  1. Don’t skimp on your product or service

Is your product or service the best it can be? Is there no doubt that you beat out the competition in every category?

  1. Don’t lower your standards

Are you still yourself while running your business? Do your business standards, values, interests and ethics match up directly with how you run your personal life?