7 Habits of Successful Construction Project Managers

Choosing the right project manager for your construction plan can save you time, energy and money. But how do you find the suitable fit, someone who understands your vision and will work with you to create the best outcome?

You want to find someone with extensive experience and decision-making skills to get the work done right. We have compiled a few key attributes that can help you navigate through the sea of project managers to find one that best suits your needs. Below are several behaviours of highly effective construction project managers.

1. Holds the proper certification and experience

To begin, project managers should have a strong educational background. Degrees in architecture, building sciences, construction management and engineering can set a project manager on the right track for a fruitful career. There is no substitution for real world experience, so feel free to ask the prospective project manager for examples of work or speak with past clients. Solid leadership skills and the ability to adapt to different types of projects also create standout managers.

2. Familiar with the latest technology

With the most recent technological advances, finding a project manager with software knowledge could improve the cost and speed of your project. Construction-specific computer software is changing the way a project manager can create and monitor a construction site. Your project manager should have enough technical knowledge to take advantage of this, combined with experience to train a team.

3. Prepared and organised

Appointments, paperwork, schedules… Oh my! Your project manager should be able to juggle several deadlines and keep you in the loop regarding important decisions. Look for managers who are highly organised and show up ready to work. Try interviewing multiple project managers for the position; did he or she come on time for the appointment, prepared with the appropriate paperwork? A successful project manager understands the project schedule, outlines a realistic timeframe, and sticks to it.

4. Maintains open communication

The right project manager will always be available to chat about any updates or concerns. Regular communication with the client, suppliers and any subcontractors is key. He or she should actively build and maintain relationships with all concerning parties.

5. Monetarily responsible

You’ll be trusting your project manager with a considerable sum, so it’s important that he or she is able to create a reasonable budget and stay within its limit.

6. Follows up with safety regulations, licenses and permits

A smart project manager is well-versed in occupational health and safety (OHS), ensuring your project follows all regulations. Maintaining a clean work site and looking after the wellbeing of contractors on the job is his or her forte. Your PM should be familiar with all necessary building permits and licenses.

7. Keeps a firm attitude when it matters

Knowing when to be firm and when to be friendly is a fine art, mastered solely by the most successful project managers. It’s important for him or her to be open and sociable with the customer, yet firm when it comes to negotiating claims and variations. Along the same lines, the best project managers are friendly with all third parties involved in the project, yet hold strong ground to give you the best deal while discussing cost.

An experienced, honest, open and responsible project manager will help you complete your construction goals. With this outline of how to identify successful traits, you’re one step closer to finding the perfect project manager.

Aly Chiman

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