7 Reasons Why You Should Create Information Products

Are you currently only busy promoting affiliate products? Have you ever thought of having your very own product for others to promote for you instead?

If not, you should! Otherwise, you’re literally leaving leaving money on the table.

money table

No doubt affiliate marketing is a profitable business model and one you should get involved in but…only as a secondary source of income.

Just take a look at those top marketers. Their main profit generators, the ones that bring home the big money, are always their own products.

There are lots of benefits in having your own products, such as:

Reason 1: Branding

Big-time internet marketers online don’t just have a business, but they also a brand name that set them apart from the masses.

Are you wondering how they’re able to build a branding? It’s the products they have, that is.

Of course this doesn’t happen overnight. But having your own products is the starting point to reach that goal.

Reason 2: Get an Expert Status

Who’re the guys online that most people look up to? If you like me, then it’s those marketers who’ve the abundance of knowledge and a reputable expert in the market i’m interested in.

These are people who’ve convinced me enough to trust the quality of information they deliver with…their products!

Think. How on earth can one be an expert without a way to showcase the gazillion tidbits of information hidden inside them if not for the products they have. No one can be an expert just by pure dumb luck.

Now, when talking about products, i’m not just talking about ebooks. It can in any form and shape like video, audio, home study courses, live seminar, teleseminar and much more.

Once you’re an expert, it’s only natural to have hordes of followers tracking your every move.

Reason 3: Total product control

Being the product owner, logically you’ll have full control of your own product.

You make the decision on the price of the product, how to deliver it, whether to have an affiliate program, etc.

With your own product, you’re the man or woman in charge.

Reason 4: Inserting Affiliate Links In Your Products

Have you come across ebooks littered with affiliate links from top to bottom? I’m sure you do. It’s an easy extra profit generator without hardly any work at all and you can do the same with your own product, be it ebook, audio, video, etc.

Reason 5: Easily Acquire Joint Venture Approval

Imagine yourself as an expert product creator. Getting Joint Venture approval would definitely be a breeze. Who wouldn’t jump and grab the chance to have you create product for/with them.

That’s not all. Having the ability to create product at will also mean constantly getting offers from others to Joint Venture with you.

You’re in demand, and getting Joint Venture offers is an everyday thing. In fact, you’

Reason 6: Give Away Product To Build List

Want to build a huge list? Of course you do. The tried-and-tested method is to simply offer a quality product in exchange for email address of your site visitors.

Other than that, you may want to connect with other marketers who’ve complementary products to what you’re offering and let them give away your product to their subscribers. Beware, this may result in a sudden surge of server melting traffic to your site.

You may also like to join a giveaway event and put your product up for grabs. Another easy and lazy way to drive traffic to your site and have your subscription jump higher in quick time.

Reason 7: Solve Other Peoples’ Problems

There’s no better way to generate profits from our own products than to be able to help others solve problems they’re facing.

It reminds me of a quote by sales guru, Zig Ziglar, saying: “You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.”

You may even get positive responses and words of thanks from your customers for providing the solution to their problems.

Coming to a close, I hope I’ve open your eyes and get you all excited to start creating your own products to sell…and build a hugely profitable information product empire.

With that, now go ahead and create that winning product people are hungry for.

Aly Chiman

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