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Original Qualia Review: Is it Worth It?

I am a nootropic junkie and I love anything that can improve my efficiency. While I am not a nootropic scientist or a biology expert, I enjoy learning about the stuff. I am an entrepreneur and I need all the help I can get to stay competitive. Every time I see a hot nootropic supplement out on the market with a lot of hype around it, I can’t help but give it a shot. I first heard of Qualia by Neurohacker a couple of months ago through a Facebook ad that came up when I was scrolling my newsfeed. They made some pretty bold claims, so I had to check it out.After doing some research online, I was impressed by the stellar reviews I saw. I noticed they had many videos from happy users which seemed authentic. They featured several users swearing that Qualia has had an immensely positive effect on their lives. People described it in a way I had not heard them describe other Nootropics before.

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​I have extreme ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. I have taken stimulants such as Adderall and Vyvanse off and on for as long as a year and a half at a time. Eventually, I became disgusted with the “dirty” feeling of Adderall and decided to quit Cold Turkey. Since then, I have searched for safer, non-amphetamine alternatives to Adderall that are less intense but give me the same benefit. Adderall made my life miserable. My wife hated me when I was on it and, quite frankly, I hated myself when I was on it. It was a tough decision. On one hand, I was incredibly focused and productive on Adderall. On the other hand, I was totally freaking miserable.I will never go back to taking Adderall. The anxiety, sleep problems, and countless other side effects just aren’t worth it. There is no point in having all of that productivity if you aren’t going to enjoy it. I was too irritable and almost in a different world. However, when I was on Adderall I was incredibly successful, so there is no denying what it had helped me accomplish. As a result, I decided to continue my search for Smart Drugs that are not only effective but have fewer side effects. I wanted sort of a middle ground between the ineffective “natural” solutions and the Amphetamines that they give to kids all across America.The first thing that stood out to me about this product was the pricing. Never had I seen a Nootropic stack so expensive before! It seemed a bit much compared to other Nootropics on the market. A mere one month’s supply was $150, but was less if you get a subscription! After seeing the price, to say that I was skeptical would be an understatement. I was certain right off the bat that it was an overpriced gimmick like many other stacks on the market. Despite this skepticism, I took a more in-depth look at the product offerings and ingredients and found that what you get is a much better value than it appears at first glance.​This nootropic stack includes a lot more than your typical nootropic or brain supplement. I found out that if you were to buy all the ingredients separately and assemble this stack yourself, it would end up being much more expensive than just buying Qualia. The reason for this is that Neurohacker Collective (The company that makes Qualia) buys their products in bulk, allowing them to get cheaper rates. Additionally, you would have to consume a ridiculous amount of pills of not for Qualia. After doing this research, it became clear to me that this is not your average run-of-the-mill nootropic stack that I see advertised on my Facebook feed. Qualia is on a mission to to be the Cadillac of nootropics. Qualia is a supplement meant for entrepreneurs, researchers, and people who need focus and are willing to pay a premium for it. After all, if it is as effective as people say, $150 is a small price to pay for even a 10% boost in productivity. If I can get an extra “hours worth” of work done in a day, that pays for itself 10x over.I saw that they had a discount available that costs $100 for your first month and I figured, “what the hell?” To my surprise, the shipping was fast, and the package arrived within just a few days of ordering. I got e-mail updates throughout the whole process informing me of when it shipped, a tracking number, and when it was scheduled to arrive. When the box did come, I ran all the way to the mailbox like a little kid on Christmas. I was so excited to give this Nootropic a try. I had been unable to find any Nootropic that was effective and had high hopes for this one. I had such high hopes for this supplement that I was talking to my wife about if for days before it showed up. By the time it came in the mail it was about 2:00 PM, so I unfortunately had to wait until the next day before I could take it.When I woke up in the morning, I made sure to read the instructions carefully so I would get to experience the full effects. Qualia had two steps and recommended I should take three pills of Step 1 on an empty stomach and wait 30 minutes before eating. The second portion would be six pills taken with either breakfast or lunch. I am pretty freaking sensitive to stimulants, so I decided to start with a lower dosage of two capsules from step one and four from step two. The instructions do offer some flexibility as long as you keep the ratio at 1:2 from Step One to Step Two.I took the first two pills and swallowed them with water. They smelled a little funny, but it wasn’t overwhelming by any means. It mainly just smelled like what you would expect a cocktail full of herbs to smell like. In less than 30 minutes, I felt the effects full on. The best thing I can compare it to is Adderall, though it is a much more pleasant and milder version. It lacked the jitteriness that I typically and “twacked out” feel from Adderall and other stimulants. I felt calm, focused, enthusiastic, and content. I was very talkative and would talk excessively to my wife about our goals and things we had planned. After about thirty minutes, I felt like I didn’t even need a second step.The second step consisted of 6 GIANT pills (Update: Qualia has since switched it to 9 smaller pills). They were difficult to swallow and one actually got stuck in my throat and I had to drink water. I learned to only take one at a time. I went ahead and took the second step (even though the first step was strong enough), but forgot about the part where I was supposed to take it with food. For anyone reading this, make sure you follow the instructions as carefully as you can. I started feeling nauseous about twenty to thirty minutes after taking it, and it lasted almost two hours. Nausea eventually went away about 30 minutes after I ate, but I would not recommend doing that to anyone. The second step didn’t have as big of an impact as the first step, but I did notice some boost in energy and focus. Nowadays, I like taking the first step in the morning and the second step at lunch. Doing this seems to keep me more balanced throughout the day.After taking the supplements and eating, I sat down to start working. I can say with complete honesty that I had one of the most productive days I had had in a long time. I used to take ADHD medication, and this level of productivity reminded me of that. I also want to mention that I had virtually no side effects aside from nausea (which was my fault). There was no crash, no irritability, no “wired” feeling. I felt more energetic when talking to customers and inspired with creativity. I ended up working until about 10:00 PM and got more accomplished than I ordinarily would in that same period of time.As I am writing this, I am currently on Qualia. It is 10:00PM at night and I have been going since 6 AM. I am genuinely astonished at the effect this supplement has had on my brain. I would never have expected that I would get such excellent results from an over-the-counter supplement. The few side effects that I had previously have vanished, and I feel like this has had a positive long-term impact on my mental performance.Qualia recommends that you cycle five days on, two days off. I take weekends off, and it has been effective at keeping my tolerance down thus far. I suggest that you take this five days each week and let it build up your system, rather than consume it occasionally as needed. Doing so has had a consistently positive impact on my mental performance.These supplements effect everybody differently, so I don’t expect everyone to have the same results I did. We are all wired differently and what works for me may not work for you. That said, I have been taking Qualia for one month and will be renewing my subscription. I will post an update in a few months with how it is working for me. At the moment, Qualia is one of the best nootropic stacks I have ever tried. I will be posting updates and will be doing some cognitive tests on and off Qualia to find out more about what the improvements are and what areas I see the most benefit.I am not a doctor or medical professional. Please do not take this as medical, business, or financial advice. I am merely sharing my experience with you, and it is essential to talk to your doctor before taking any supplements. Use this information at your own risk.

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