Street Fighter 4 Apk Data 3.9 Download

Street Fighter 4 Apk Data 3.9 Download Street Fighter 4 Apk Data 3.9 Download

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, the super critical and sales Xbox360, PS3 and PC, receives an improved Android terminals with this version VOLT , which adds to Balrog, M. Bison, Cody, Sakura, Makoto, and Yun FeiLong the already on its impressive roster of fighters of the original game. In this version of the game we can enjoy the training mode, history, individual fights against the machine and, better and more fun, fights against friends via Bluetooth and WiFi mode. The repertoire movement is identical to the original game, so we can do all sorts of combos, super combos, special moves and new ‘focus attacks’. Best of all is that many of these special attacks can be performed with the touch of the life bar of your character, making it easier to carry out complex attacks.  VOLT is an excellent fighting game with unsurpassed control and incredible graphics that bring out the best of the devices with retina display. Do not miss it if you like fighting games.

Street Fighter 4


! Event 1> kkuljem Box Events

– Period: 2015/03/30 (Mon) ~ 2015/04/06 (Mon) to (8 days)

– Content: Gems from the acquisition of up to 100, depending on the probability of at least 20 possible

( the day 12:00 to 2:00 p.m. paid when connected)!

Event 2> 50% discount on event ticket options to change!

– Period: 2015/03/30 (Mon) 14:00 after server maintenance – 2015/04/06 (Mon) 14:00 server checks before

– Description: Options on the duration of the event Change Ticket sales 50% discount!

! Event 3> Purchase user event

– period: 2015/03/31 until Tuesday – 2015/04/02 00:00 (Thursday)

– Content: Depending on the payment in the event, pay the in-game items!


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Street Fighter 4 Apk Data 3.9 Download



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