Summer Dinner Inspiration


Hi Foodie Friends! We here at Blog To Taste are always talking about weather appropriate meals. You can see by our posts, how our appetites are influenced by the current weather patterns. And let me tell you, in the event you are not from Portland Oregon, and haven’t heard. We are having a super hot summer- and we are even entering our second

this week! In the Pacific North West, it feels like we wait all year to get outside and play, but this year, we’re acting like Texans and staying in our air conditioning, and by we- I mean me. I’ve been following the weather news, and it seems they are attributing the hot weather to something scientists are calling . Weird name huh? Anyway, what this means for me, is I spend as little time in the kitchen cooking as possible- and when we need to eat I’m craving salads, sandwiches, BBQ, and food that we can make multiple meals out of. So I thought I’s share some good ideas for cool or easy dinners this week.

First up, are my

from last years Fourth of July menu- these tacos are seriously yummy- and easy! We are making them tonight- cooking the fish on the grill and chowing down on the patio.

Bonus tip: fish tacos and great paired with beer!


is great for exactly what the title says- MULTI-USE! In this heat, things that you can cook that are versatile are a life saver. This guy is made in the slow-cooker, so you know that means it is super easy.

Bonus tip: take your slow-cooker outside and save your house from the heat!


is a game changer. No heating required, this is a real summertime delight.

Bonus tip: don’t stop at topping crackers or toast with this spread- try it as a sandwich, wrap or even a salad topping!

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