The Laura Palmer Cocktail


This weeks cocktail was inspired by Twin Peaks. Twin Peaks is one of my favorite TV shows of all time. I am OBSESSED. So much so, that I am actually taking a Twin Peaks pilgrimage this weekend to the little sleepy town of Snoqualmie Washington, where the TV show is set, and most of the outdoor shots were filmed.

If you have never seen Twin Peaks, I recommend canceling your weekend plans and marathon watching the whole thing- it’s on Netflix! If you’ve never heard of Twin Peaks, well honey child, we cannot be friends.

So Twin Peaks is a supernatural/mystery/thriller kind of show. And this cocktail is named after Laura Palmer, who is kind of what the show is all about (not really though). Basically, she gets killed, and her body is found washed ashore, wrapped in plastic, and for the most part the show is about figuring our who killed her. But uncovering that really opens up a whole underside to this picturesque town, and then the show becomes about that.

I knew i was going to do a Twin Peaks drink weeks ago, and my thinking was Laura Palmer, by way of an Arnold Palmer, some sort of lemonade and iced tea cocktail. But the more I thought about it, the more that was just too obvious. So I whipped up this drink with a few other things in mind.

First of all, I wanted to use blackberries. Not only because we have them in abundance in my backyard, but also because “they are blacker than a moonless night at midnight” to quote Agent Dale Cooper, the main character in the show and a total babe by all accounts. Berries are also a great choice because Coop- as he is often referred to in the show, eats a lot of pie at The Double R Diner, he says that’s where pie goes when it dies.

I also wanted it to be a sweet drink, that teenage girls would drink, because Laura, and some of the other main girls in the show are high school girls. So I stuck with lemonade, like the original Arnold Palmer plan.

That’s the basic components of this drink, blackberry and lemonade. I made a blackberry mash to stir into the drink and I added lime just to give it some more complexity- after all, Twin Peaks is anything but plain. Then I threw in a cherry on top, as another nod to the pie eating.

Laura Palmer Cocktails

4 oz. Lemonade- you can use store bought or homemade, I used Newman’s Own

1 tablespoon Blackberry Mash (*see below)


add to tumbler and stir

add a couple fresh blackberries and a cherry to the top for garnish

then wrap the glass in clear plastic wrap, don;t worry about being perfect, Laura’s killer didn’t have time for that!

Blackberry Mash

1 cup fresh blackberries

1 lime, zested and juiced

1/2 c sugar

add to saucepan over medium heat, cook until broken down

*can be strained through sieve if wanted, I like the texture of it unstrained, so I skipped this step

(served best with pie, of course!)

Here’s my grandpa enjoying this drink and treat! He gives The Laura Palmer two thumbs up! Not a perfectly styled shot, but hey- this is real life!


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