Orphea Studio Services

Orphea Studio can be either bought with a software license, or rented on a monthly basis or hosted at our Datacenter. In the matter case, all you have to take care of is the contents of your media database. We currently host clients from France, USA, UK, Australia, Canada etc.

Our professional services team assists you with the media database deployment project from A to Z – workflow, IT, metadata. All our expertise of media databases deployment and management of over 10 years is there to serve your needs.

Our team of creative artists and programmers can accompany your design projects for the layout of your web front, assuring your corporate identity.

Our tech. support team assures the complete installation and the configuration of your system, including hardware and operating system.

We provide standard and tailor-made trainings at either our offices or yours.

Orphea Studio is a professional solution for Digital Asset Management (DAM), based on Oracle and operate in full web mode.

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