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abeo Billing Services: A Higher Level of ASC Revenue Cycle Management




It’s easy to think of billing as a commodity service – until you consider three specific trends that directly impact billing for ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs):

abeo stays ahead of the ASC billing game on all three counts. Our strong outpatient facility domain expertise and general commitment to billing excellence pays dividends for our ASC clients, helping to protect their revenue cycles in the face of new dynamics. In situations where we replace another third-party resource, we’re consistently able to demonstrate a higher level of billing success. And when we replace an in-house billing function, we’re typically able to demonstrate that success at less cost than running an internal department.

abeo’s billing is driven by a highly robust, proprietary platform that has been continuously developed and fine-tuned for our clients’ needs. That same platform extends to our anesthesia billing focus, which involves nearly all of the 13,000-plus procedure codes. Whether or not we bill our ASC clients for anesthesia, our experience and mastery of

greatly reduces the errors and omissions that can come with a more generalized or limited billing function.

In addition to billing, abeo operates a highly skilled contracting department that can assist incisively with payer issues. Services can include managing contracting for ASCs that have no health plan contracts and those whose contracts should be renegotiated for better terms. Regardless of whether our ASC arrangement includes contracting, abeo definitely knows payers and holds them accountable with proactive follow-up, because even small amounts owed matter in fully optimizing cash flow.

The abeo approach to patient billing is unique – and effective. We conduct live, local time-zone phone calls that educate patients and guide them to make a plan for payment. We never resort to automated dialers, computer messages or frustrating tactics that prove counterproductive with consumers. Because again, every bill owed matters to cash flow, and abeo is dedicated to generating maximum revenue for its clients.

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