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In 1945 I was dropping bombs in a B-17 for a living.

I had already tempted fate twice having walked out of airplanes which immediately crashed after takeoff (killing all on board.)

My tour of duty was at an end and I was given the choice of honorable discharge or promotion to Captain.

The later came with three more years of service and the future bombings in North Korea.

My wife and I already had a son and planned for a daughter.

With my family in mind, I opted for civilian life.

Now, like many of my fellow G.I.s, I needed to find work.

I tried many trades: used cars, insurance, civil service, mapping service, department store management, and finally roofing. I answered an ad for employment as an estimator for State Roofers, a respected statewide firm.

I took to my new craft with enthusiasm and with a lot of hard work I mastered every aspect of this trade.

In just about three years time I wound up owning

the company that gave me my start.

I found roofing to be interesting work and a field with a strong opportunity for growth.

In 1950 I opened Alamo Roofers.

Eighteen years later

two of my sons joined me.

The entrance of

a second generation secured the legacy


this business and the rest is history.

Robert Zepeda


Alamo Roofers

Alamo Roofers, Inc.

1411 West Hildebrand

San Antonio, Texas 78201-4197


Office: (210)


Fax: (210) 735-2812

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