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for your web pages can improve the chances of your site being found and clicked on. In Short Meta description tags are very important to optimize your blog in search results. you can finally add meta description to individual posts and pages on Blogger! This new feature is only one of several new features added by Blogger aiming at improving its SEO (Search Engine Optimization). With new Blogger interface we can add a meta description tag to Blogger blog without . But you can not add meta keywords to your blog using Blogger Settings. (Meta Descriptions, which are HTML attributes that provide concise explanations of the contents of web pages, are commonly used by search engines on search result pages to display preview snippets for a given page. (from ) ). A good description increases the posts chances of getting clicked. So Lets start the tutorial.

Enable & Add Meta Description

Blog Meta Description – This is a description of your entire blog.You use this to describe your entire blog to search engines.

1. Go to Blogger Dashboard>> Settings >> Search preferences > Meta tags > Description and click the Edit link. (Like Screenshot Below)

2. Enter the

for your blog. This meta description will appear on your homepage and other multi-post pages.

3. Click Save Changes button.

Adding Meta Description To individual Pages

Posts Meta Description – This is a description added to every individual post on your blog.You use this to tell search engines what each post is about.

1. In your post editor see right side panel

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