Dice Jewelry – Earrings, Necklaces, Cufflinks and More

Dice Jewelry

The variety of beautiful

dice jewelry prove that dice are the jewels of the gaming world. Dice earrings, necklaces, money clips, bracelets and silver key rings creates a list of colorful and stylish jewelry made with dice.

For easy browsing of this page, use the sub-category links below to look for jewelry or read below for information on how to make your own.

I want to give you a search tip in case you don’t find what you’re looking for on this page. There’s one word that can help you track down more dice jewelry: BUNCO. Look for web sites that sell . Chances are you’ll find jewelry, apparel and other dice themed products too.

I’ll also recommend the


web sites to you. They specialize in stylish, affordable jewelry crafted from dice.

World of Dice also sells a line

dice jewelry in case you need to remove the dice to play a game.

To make life easier, you can also use a custom dice jewelry

located at the bottom of the page.


If you’d like to make your own jewelry — like dice bracelets, dice necklaces or earrings — you’ve come to the right place. First, you need to choose your favorite dice from a variety of dice beads. Next, you need terrific instructions and information on

Now, you can use your imagination to create beautiful dice jewelry to wear…or to give as a Christmas present or a birthday gift!

Novelty dice rings are a fun accessory to own. The dice rings are adjustable and sold in a variety of colors for under $10.

Dice Earrings

You’ll find a variety of colors and styles of dice earrings. , a popular brand specializing in dice jewelry, offers a great selection. Below, you’ll find a beautiful pair of dangling green dice earrings.

Emerald Jade Dice Dangle Earrings

Besides dangling earrings, dice stud earrings are quite popular. Lucky 11 sells

as well as

and two kinds of red:


dice earrings.

Try a pair of small

to add color and fun to your style.

Why by one set of earrings when you can get three? You can buy a set of three silver dice earrings for a great price. Each set has different dice colors.

Dice Necklaces

Unlike the dice bead necklaces tossed around Mardi Gras, these dice necklaces are more elegant and tasteful. In most cases, the necklace contains a single die or a pair of dice, such as Lucky 11’s .

Lucky 11 offers the same style necklace with a variety of colors and images, including: , , , .

Here’s an artistic, rockabilly style . Its design was inspired by tattoo designs featuring the Mexican Day of the Dead.

Continuing with the rockabilly theme, here’s a :

If you like handcrafted, funky jewelry, then look at this metallic necklace with silver skulls and purple dice.

If you want a black dice necklace, there’s a . You can also get the same necklace with


Like hearts and dice? Then the

will delight you.

There’s a

or a beautiful silver pendant to accentuate any style of dress.

offers a great variety of pendant necklaces (and earrings) based on the d20 (20 sided) dice.

Silver dice cube necklace

Fans of the Rubik’s Cube Dice will enjoy this .

You’ve got some decisions to make with the variety of colors available in dice bracelets. Most of the bracelets are a circle of dice in one color, like the

You’ll find other solid colored dice bracelets with your favorite colors and images, like the , red skull, and white pearl.

You can

to browse the “How Cool” web site for these bracelets.

Alternating colors are also a popular choice. Color combinations include:

, red and white with iron cross, black and white with iron cross, and, last but not least, the red and black dice bracelet.

to browse for these dice bracelets.

Finally, there’s a different style of bracelet available too. The

has 4 dice with links of chain between each.

Dice Belly Rings

Is it time to get your belly some bling? Belly rings are the dice jewelry that will accentuate your tummy in style.

Is 7 your lucky number? If so, the

from Body Candy will be your lucky charm. There’s also a

or try a , if you’re looking for a more formal color.

Tongue/Labret Dice Jewelry

Decorate your tongue or lip with some cool dice jewelry. There’s a 14K white gold labret piece:

For a pierced tongue, you can have a colored die hiding in your mouth:

Dice Cuff Links

You’re dressed to the ‘Nines’ and need that extra finishing touch. You need dice cuff links to complement your swanky, cool Las Vegas style. Luckily, there’s a good selection out there:

Silver Mini Dice Cuff Links

You can also go for a classic, sterling silver pair:

Sterling Silver Dice Cuff Links


are also available.

For under $10, you can find them in a variety of colors.

Black diamonds set in sterling silver create the look of a solid, stunning dice ring.

Continuing Your Search?

The custom search engine below will help you. It will deliver results from numerous sites that offer dice themed jewelry. Many of the jewelry pieces on this page come from these sites. Type in your search term below and get results fast.



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