All Information about PS3 Jailbreak and Its History.

What is PS3 Jailbreak (PlayStation 3 Jailbreak)

Hello guys, Many people asking me what is PS3 Jailbreak. I am a web developer and in this article, i am gonna share with you my Five Years personal experience about jailbreaking PlayStation 3. PS3 Jailbroken is an alternative term that is used in place of the word “hack”. This is a made up word created from an infamous hacker. Who goes by “geohot“, he was known for being the 1st to unlock the iPhone and the 1st to successfully jailbreak the PS3 gaming console.

The jailbroken PS3 essentially means that you are on Custom Firm-Ware (C-F-W). PS3 system upgrades are called O-F-W in the hacker language, which stands for official firmware, C-F-W is a modified version of official firmware. That allows user to go beyond restrictions and do things that are listed in “Benefits of Jailbreaking” above. In simple language, C-F-W is the key to unlocking great things and new features.

History of PS3 Jailbreaking

The PS3 was 1st jailbroken from the discovery of an exploit. Jailbreaking your PS3 gaming console at the time was the easiest thing to do thanks to the simplistic method the web developers team created. Which was by simply putting a C-F-W on a USB drive, installing it on your PS3 gaming console.  This is a made up word created from an infamous hacker, who goes by “geohot” and he was known for being the 1st to successfully jailbreak the PS3 gaming console, but the company puts restrictions on them.

In October 2012, a hacker’s team known as The Three Musketeers published the Level 0 keys for the PS3 system. These were the same keys that would have allowed a Chinese hacker’s team called “Blue-Disk” to publish a purchasable custom firmware (C-F-W) for 4.21 and above. Shortly after, a well-known PS3 developer, “Rogero“, released his free of charge 4.21 C-F-W. There are now different developers launching custom firmwares for the new versions of PS3’s firmware. These custom firmware render the PS3 Jailbreak obsolete. They cannot, however, be installed unless the PlayStation-3 is on system software version 3.55 or below.

In June 2013, the +3.60 loader keys were published to the public by a group called “The Great Unicorns”. On the same day hard-disk-drive encryption for PHAT consoles were published by a developer called “flatz”. Following this the Lv1ldr crypto keys were published for 4.21-4.46.

Eligibility for Jailbreaking PS3

To check to see if you are eligible for this service. Check the back of your PS3 console, right side of the HDMI port, where there is a barcode. You will see a model number of your PS3 console beginning with “CECH”. This is what will indicate if your PlayStation 3 has the potential to be jailbroken. Below is a list of all eligible PS3 models. Check yours model number and match with this list, if yours appears on the list, then you are in luck!

*The x’s stand for any number/letter.

Model Numbers of PS3 FAT











Model Numbers of PS3 Slim







Model Numbers of PS3 Super Slim

these models are not able to be jailbroken

(4.83 Version also not able to be jailbroken)

Summary: – I hope guys this article is helpful for you and you get some information about PS3 Jailbreak and its history.