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Commercial Boiler & HVAC Services in Alexandria, Virginia

American Boiler, Inc., based in Alexandria, Virginia, is a full-service boiler and

repair and installation company providing commercial boiler and HVAC services. Our team of professionals responds to all service calls within two hours and most calls are handled in one hour or less. This is our policy 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Commercial Boilers

We handle all commercial boiler, burner, and boiler stack repairs and installations including cleaning, painting, wiring, rentals, and general repairs. We work commercial steam boilers, industrial steam boilers and a whole wide range of commercial options for boilers.

Refrigerator & Air Conditioning Services

In addition to our commercial boiler services, we also offer complete air conditioning repair and installation services including coil fabrication.

Other HVAC Services include:

• Backflow Preventer Inspection Certification• Breeching Repairs & Installation• Certified Non-Destructive Testing• Certified Welding Service ASME DC• Combustion Efficiency Testing & Tuning   (Computer Analyzer)• Concrete & Masonry Repairs

• Condensate Tank Repairs & Installation• Confined Space Testing/Monitoring    (OSHA 29 Crf 1910.146)• Drain Cleaning & Inspection (VCR) • Preventative Maintenance Programs• Expansion Tank Repairs & Installation• Heat Exchanger Repairs & Installation

• HVAC Controls & Wiring• Institutional Kitchen Repairs (SS Welding & More)• Insulation of Piping, Valves, Tanks, & Breeching• Infrared Thermography• Motor Repairs (Pumps, Fans, Air Handler, & More)• Pipe Repairs & Installation   (Steam, Condensate, Water, & More.)

Plumbing Repairs & Installation

• Refractory Repairs & Installation• Refrigerant Recovery• Potable Water Tank Lining Repairs & Installation

• Service Contracts (Boiler Rooms)• Sheet Metal Repairs & Installation• Tube Bundle Fabrication

• Ultrasonic Testing for Vessel & Tank Integrity• Vibration Analysis• Laser Alignment

in , for more information about our commercial boiler and HVAC services.