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Are you looking for a site to download free Mp3s, compressed full Movies, android games, short videos all for your mobile device? Look no further and check out Although the wap site is more suited for phones, nevertheless you can still access it with ease from your computer.

Toxicwap is primarily focused on Music, but you can still access movies, games and other contents. I say this because Songs (Mp3) are updated on a regular basis compared to the other files. Songs are much on the site and are categorized into several genres. – Free Mobile download site is a mobile wap site for downloading movies, music, games, and ebooks. The best thing about this wap site is that the contents available for download have been designed to suit and support your mobile device. Toxicwap has been around for quite some time, and a lot of people access it everyday to download mainly the music on this site

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Is Toxicwap Legit?

The site is pretty legit since Toxicwap lets you download for free. There is no registration required on the site, nor does it save any form of data when using the site. However, there are some files that are gotten from other similar sites which are linked with Toxicwap.

What are the Benefits of using Toxicwap?

The wap site has many benefits and that is why users from different countries access it every day. One important benefit is that files like movies are compressed to low file size to support phones. You can save lots of movies/video files on your phone without worrying much about the space on your phone.

Although the interface of is not too fancy, however, the site is pretty simple and straightforward. Users can simply visit the site, check for the file they want and start downloading.

Another good thing about the site is that it loads very fast. This is mainly due to the platform (mobile phones) for which it was designed for. uses fewer resources just to display to you what you need, which are the files you want to download. That is one of the reasons why the site is not too fancy, the only thing you will probably see there are just few text links and the logo sign.

Although the platform is suited for mobile devices, nevertheless you can access and download from using a computer.

What are the Downsides/Disadvantages of using Toxicwap?

Toxicwap redirects users to X-rated sites to download movies. You will think that there should be a warning or indication of some sort before redirecting you to the sites. The particular file category under Toxicwap that this happens is the Movies platform. When you try to download a movie, you will be redirected to another site (toxicunrated) which is an x-rated site and also a partner to Toxicwap. Although you will get your movies there, however, it is not suited for children.

Note: the movies in question are not x-rated movies, but decent full movies.

What are the Categories on

Toxicwap has a very decent interface, the site features only the categories which are listed out on the page. It includes; Music, Movies, TV series, Android, Android Games, Videos, images, and E-books.

This category packs lots of Music across all genres, including African music, Gospel music, reggae, Electro, and much more. You can also choose to download songs in albums, mixtapes, top, and trending Mp3 all for free. The list is endless. when you access a category, you are bound to find more inside. Users from different countries access Toxicwap mostly for the free Mp3 downloads.

I won’t recommend this site for children. Reason being that is not suited for kids, as Toxicwap gets their movies from their partner x-rated site. However, there are some full decent movies available on the site. The movies are available in mp4 format and segmented into 3 to have a reduced file size compared to the original movie.

This is another category I like very much. There are lots of TV series available on the site and are categorized alphabetically from A to Z. To download, let’s say ‘Billions’, simply click the letter “B” category and you will find it there (easily). TV series are available for downloads in high Mp4 quality format

In this category, you will find Standalone games and Games with Data files.

Standalone games are games with single apk format, that doesn’t require an additional game file. Downloading games in this category will be as a single apk format. Clicking on ‘Standalone games’ will redirect to another site (a decent site for android games) to download the games. Games are categorized in genres, ranging from action, adventure, puzzle, shooting, racing games, and much more.

Games with Data files are games you will download with additional game files (obb or data files). When downloading games from this category, ensure you download 2 files under game, it usually contains the apk and the file data.

Here you will find series of short videos like music videos, funny videos, short cartoons and more. Just check for what interest you and start downloading. The file size in this category is small.

Looking for a picture to use as your wallpaper? You will find them here. Images in this category are in jpg and gif format, simply search for any picture under any genre that interest you and you are good to go.

How to Download from

Downloading from Toxicwap is very easy.

Log in to the official site from a web browser.

Simply find or search for a file in a category that you want

Click on the file download button.

In most cases, after clicking the download button, a new tab opens up, which is an ad page. Simply close it re-click the file you want to download.

Note: It is very likely you will be redirected to other sites to download a file. However, the file will be available for free.


In summary, is a great wap site to download Mp3s, movies, videos, and android games for free. The interface is user-friendly and can be understood by almost anybody. There are numerous songs across different genres available on the site. However, the site gets some of its content (movies) from another site which is not supported for everybody.