Analyze Handwriting: Do You Really Know Yourself?

Did You Know That Handwriting Mirrors Character? Would You Like To Learn How To See People As They Really Are?

A knowledge of what your handwriting means may change your life. Bart Bagett’s How You Can Analyze Handwriting in Ten Minutes of Less will help you decipher handwriting.

Every time you write your name you are registering a pen picture of your personality. If you could set down your signatures in a continuous line, from your first schoolboyish scribble to that stylized autograph of yours, you would have a portrait in writing of your character from childhood to adulthood. Here are some other thoughts about analyzing handwriting.

The story of the development of your character from year to year would be seen in the script, just as a slice of a log tells in the concentric rings how the weather helped or retarded the growth of the tree.

But you are not felled timber. You are very much alive and growing. You have many chances to adjust your mental and physical environment so that you will grow straight and develop normally.

Handwriting reveals your present and past growth. Learn to analyze handwriting.

Your handwriting will reveal the nature of your present and past growth. If jt satisfies you, the next step is to study the writing of others so you may understand what is happening in their lives.

If you are not satisfied, you will want to see yourself the way your handwriting mirrors you so that you will have a true picture of your personality. If you analyze handwriting, this allows you to see yourself and others. It’s as close to mind reading as one gets.

Know yourself first—then know others—then enjoy the thrill of fitting in with the whole human family because you will understand people.

You will never again have that feeling of being alone. In fact you will get the feeling that you can connect on an even deeper level if you know how to analyze handwriting.

When you start to read character from handwriting (the science of Graphology), you will discover that many people fall into general personality types, of which you might possibly be one. You will also find out that, regardless of financial or social success, even the leaders in the community and the nation have their weaknesses. You will have revealed to you, also, what traits of character helped them to achieve success.

You will discard that cheerless untruth that there is no one else in the world like you. You will find out that there is no one quite like you, but that you have millions of general counterparts everywhere in the world.

If you amazingly turn up handwriting evidence to prove you are a genius, just remember the genius is a type, too. We have had them before and expect to keep having them.

You are what you write—but you don’t have to stay that way.

When you look at your handwriting and classify yourself as a particular type of personality or as a complex bundle of entangled human nature you do not have to stay the way you see yourself. This book will reveal how you can change for the better and find life stimulating.

Why your handwriting reveals the real you.

You are not what you think you are, nor are you what other people imagine you to be. You tend to forget your faults, and you magnify your good points. Six different people will see you six different ways.

Your handwriting will record an accurate picture of the real you because it is the end result of your brain in action. When you write, you think. To prove this, try to write an intelligent statement without keeping your mind on what you are writing.

You will find it will be impossible. Your brain must tell your hand just how to write the words that you “see” in your mind. Your nervous system acts as the “wires” along which the messages of how to write will travel. Hence, stimulated by the brain, your muscular system is coordinated into a more or less controlled writing movement.

The handwriting that evolves is as personal as your fingerprints. Pressure, size, slant, style, letter shapes, spacing, and scores of other details of writing can and do vary in everybody’s script. Your writing will also change according to the mood of the moment, a change, however, which will not affect your basic writing movements. And you will pick up on this as you learn to analyze handwriting.

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