Top 10 Android Apps for Creative Artists & Architects

The time has come  to get the wildest in your creative arts with some new android apps. Android has launched many creative apps where you can visualize your imagination and create beautiful arts and architectural designs. Here we are featuring the best android apps for artists and the best android apps for architects.
With a mobile device in hand, downloading android apps can be quite useful and tempting as well. There are hundreds of android apps available on mobile devices which can be used by consumers as per their requirements. Every person will be able to find something useful for themselves from these apps.
Top Android 10 apps for architects and artists are just coming your way:

1. Sketch Book Pro

Sketch book pro is developed by Autodesk. This app is excellent for sketching and gives the user a complete mobile experience. Delightful sketching with crafty brushes on an intuitive interface is amazing. You can also try the free version or express version of tablets.

android apps for artists

2. Photoshop Touch

Adobe had hit creative app market when it came to mobiles. Adobe has provided excellent features coupled with a slick interface.
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3. Paper Camera

Paper camera is developed by JFDP Labs. Paper camera displays the real effects on real time on camera as it is used. There are many optional effects that you can go for, some of them are cartooning, half tone and sketch.
apps for architects

4. Proto

Proto is also developed by Adobe. Proto runs on Android 3.1 or higher tablets, it has certain predefined requirements like 8.9 inch display, minimum screen resolution 1280 x 800. This app would allow you to wireframe site and uses gesture based interface. This app is fun to work with and is also available in iPads.
top apps for architects

5. Pattrn

Pattrn is developed by Lucas Rocha, and it comes for free. This app is fabulous for wallpapers. Through Pattrn, you would be exposed to countless collections of pattern that is created by COLOUR lover’s community. You can set each pattern for each day and also keep a track on your favorites.
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6. Collage

This is another creation but Adobe that has requirements of certain android features. Collage app allows you to set your mood and create best of presentations. You can use several tools provided, import images from photo library, you can also Google images, add text and do many more things. You can also mask image areas, rotate them, and measure them.
android apps for artists

7. Pixlr – o – matic

Pixlr – o – matic is not exactly an app, but it is a tool developed by Autodesk. This tool is excellent for adding retro effects to photos and your favorite images. Pixlr – o – matic has stored for you around 100 of effects including 280 overlays and 200 borders. Not to mention its grand cost, it is worth trying.
android apps for architects

8. Skitch

Skitch is developed by Evernote, and it comes your free. Another reason to smile! At first look, it may appear as a toy, but it is very useful app for creative professional. You can grab a picture and annotate it according to your wish using different tools. You can also share it, and this app can be used in conjunction with Evernote.
best apps for architects

9. Construction Calculator

This fascinating app is quite helpful in doing the calculation for the home projects. Home owners and architects use it as a time saving tool as it can store all the information. Later on the added information can also be added to the CALENDAR.
android apps for artists

10. Adobe Kuler

This is the most colorful tool you have ever seen. The inspiration point is: its color composition and easy use of tools. You can create harmonious -color themes and also explore thousands of beautiful color themes.
best apps for artists

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