Why Android Chose Linux

Android is a name that is visible in every phone nowadays . Android earn his name in IT world rapidly in short period of time.Android is a operating system that used in smart phones and tablet computers . Android operating system based on the Linux kernel. In early time of android Google financially help the android and later bought it in 2005. In 2007 Android was unveiled in 2007 and the first publicly available smartphone running android, the HTC Dream was released on October 22,2008. These are the success stories of android operating system but here is the question that why android chose Linux ?

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Standard Porting

Linux runs on devices of diverse architecture as supercomputer,mainframe computers and motor bikes and intelligent security system. The Linux achieve it through his fantastic portable platform. The compilation of Linux on hardware is very great and that is the reason behind the Linux system that he is shining in market very rapidly. This is also one of the reason that Android chose Linux. Linux provide abstraction in hardware level and android developers handle it as their requirements in developing instead of change or improving the hardware.


Linux kernel has rights to start and stop the process as per requirements.Linux solve this problem for android and allocate resource to the system itself. Linux kernel also handle  memory managing problems itself and allocate resources ,file system and other application which are used in system.

Secure System

This is the bright feature of Linux and one of the major reason for android to chose Linux . Linux has a great part in scientific research,high performance system like mainframe computers and super computers system to perform the critical task efficiently. Android really need that feature to secure his user and privacy. Linux again solve this problem because now all android application run on Linux as a distinct Linux process under the permission set ,by the system engineer of Linux.

Network communicating

Linux kernel has ability to deal with networks. The Linux kernel control many things in networking like routing,networking adapters and networking stack. All these things Linux already have and android take Linux due to this because many things are free and fully ready. All these thing handled in kernel level and android get all them with keeping has codes and in light weight form.

Open Source

Linux is also free and open source system which is full with lot of brilliant feature which attract developers . Android also chose it due to his brilliant performance and now enjoying his features.The one more thing of Linux system is that support to share libraries . Every developers can used and share them with other system. All these features of Linux mike it a big name in the IT world.  The end point is that now both Linux and android are the master blaster partner in IT field and very honestly speaking they serve their customers and developers in best ways nowadays.


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