Android: Send SMS messages from Emulator using Telnet

I’ve started to develop first Android application and will write some notes during development process.
The first note is sending sms messages from terminal.
So, There are a few steps to send messages from emulator using terminal:

  1. Start emulator (The emulator has to be started becaue you need to know port to connect). For starting emulator go to the Andriod SDK and AVD Manager->Virtual Devices->Start 
  2. Start telnet. Type in console window
       1: telnet
  3. Open telnet connection to the emulator port. Type in telnet window
       1: o localhost 5554

    , where localhost name of computer where emulator is running and 5554 it is port of emulator running.

  4. Try to send message. Type in telnet window
       1: sms send 5556 Test Message

    , where 5556 is phone number, Test Message is text of message.

And that is all …

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