Answer Phone Calls with a Simple Gesture

answer calls with gesture
The coolest thing in this whole world is to control things with your gestures! And with this new app you would be able to answer calls on your device with a gesture.

Yes, you heard that right controlling your device with gestures is now very easy. You can answer calls by bringing your device near your ear. Although this function is available on high-end Samsung Device but you don’t need to upgrade your device.

Now you can answer the calls by hovering your hand above the proximity sensor or bringing your device near your ear. XDA Senior Member smart_desk has made an app called Air Call Answer which enables you to do so. All you need to have is An ear, a smart phone with proximity sensor and Air Call Answer.

app to answer calls gesture

But the one question which arises in every head is that what will happen if the device is in my pocket?

Well, developer worked hard on this and added a feature called PocketMode which prevents answering calls when the device is in your pocket.

To Answer the call first you have to take the device out of your pocket then wave your hand or bring it near your ear to Answer the call.

Another feature of this app is that it enables Loudspeaker when you answer the call. Think you are busy in something and can’t take your phone to your ears and talk, then you can use this feature which will help you to talk without taking your device near your ear!

Now, another question is that what will you do when you want to reject the call? Actually, that is the one and only problem in this app. It means that you can’t reject calls with gestures and you can’t even put that call on silent!

Yes, I know that now your feeling about this app is down but guys don’t be sad as the developer is working hard on this and in some days he will also find a way for this! Till then you can enjoy this app.

You Can Download This App From Here

If you have any problems/suggestion for that application, Make sure you tell it to us in comment section below.

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