Apple iPad Wi-Fi Problem? Solution Here!

After the overheating problem in Apple new iPad, here comes another. According to users, Apple’s new iPad is facing problems in connecting Wi-Fi signals. It was having problem in connecting and holding to Wi-Fi connection. As per Daily Mail, it was reported that about 144 posts were posted by irritated iPad consumers on Apple’s Official Forum and about 5,200 people followed the posts. This was great challenge for Apple to look upon this trouble and fix it in the upcoming new iPads. Otherwise, this will lead to a great decrease in sales.

One user said “This is a big trouble Apple, you have to fix it.” One more user said that the iPad only connects and register to weak connections whereas laptops have such strong connection to Wi-Fi as they gets.

Such type of questions were quoted by Daily Mail:

  • Anyone else having similar problems?
  • Any suggestions for the problem?
  • How to fix Apple iPad wi-fi problem?
  • Is there any way to connect ipad to wi-fi properly?

Before this trouble, users complained for the overheating problem . But now Apple have to find solution for both problems i.e. Overheating and Wi-Fi connection problem. Apple have to fix it as soon as possible.

Some other launches from Apple also suffering from different problems such as the original iPad and some models of iBook, reporters wrote in newspapers. Since the Official Apple iPad launched, within 48 hours a new thread entitled “Weak Wi-Fi Pages” and about 10,000 visitors remarked.

Some users said that Wi-Fi connection just stables for a short time and then the signals totally vanish. Some tried to restore in iTunes but no solution from there also. Users complained that they connected their Laptops and iPad together but the ipad connection has an unstable connection whereas Laptop have a strong network.

It is noted that Apple iPad’s signal drops down unexpectedly in some Wi-Fi areas whereas other Apple products works fine there.

Best Solution to Fix Apple iPad Wi-Fi Problem

The best solution found for the problem is to move closer to the Wi-Fi router which is not helpful in more situations. This is the only solution to fix this problem. There is no other true solution for this fix.  Apple have to fix the problem as soon as possible.


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