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Detail Business Owners! Expand your business and earn more money!Help us sell Vapore Steam cleaners and the NEW Vapor Chief and make money!We

are looking for distributors to sell the most reliable and

technologically advanced steam cleaner, now available in the USA. We

offer plans that will allow you to make money selling our residential or

commercial steam cleaners.You

do not need to carry inventory. You do not need to have parts on hand.

You do not have to handle repairs (if ever needed). You do not even need

to take payment from your customer. We make it easy. Just call us NOW

to find out how.

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for more information Call us at (888) 302-6400 to get started!

We would like to welcome Applied Colors to our site! Learn more about

Our new towel shipment is here! It is rare for me to boast of a particular towel, but the new ribbed glass towel is special. We sold over 1200 in the first week to our detail customers and many of them reordered!!! Comments tell us that this is hands down the best . This towel is modeled  after a $4 glass towel online, but we are selling them for less. (2.50 each per 10).They  are green and 16″ sq. 2-3 for an entire car. Our Glass Towel video demonstrates the best way we found to get streak free results every time.

Sale Ends 07/28/13

Vapor Chief Steam Cleaner

One Week Only!Save $200.00 on the all new Vapor Chief Steamer!! ()This is your opportunity to own the revolutionary Vapor Chief Steamer at the best price we have ever had!Don’t settle for anything less than the best for your detailing business!Sale ends July 28th so place your order today! Finance for only $46.00 a month


Just in case you think a heavy duty commercial machine such as the Vapor

Chief is “expensive”, we want to show you the so called “competition”

and list some companies who list their commercial steam cleaner prices.

These steam cleaners, in our opinion, can’t hold a candle to the Vapor

Chief in specifications, performance and quality. But they are equal


MORE money than the Vapor Chief. *

Steamer Setup for Detailing

Below is a video showing how easy it is to set up the new .

Networking through Craigslist? Who Knew?

Our shipment of the all new Vapor Chief Steamer has arrived!

Vapor Chief Steamer Specs. Busy detailers expect and demand a lot from their equipment. The

has the specs you need for your detail shop…

ScratchWizard(877) 629-0612

ScratchWizard Releases $34.95 Plastic Bumper Touch Up KitRepair deep damage in minutes. Included: 1. Automotive touch up paint 2. Scratch-filling putty product. 3. Leveler:

for removing excess putty. 4. Rubber/plastic squeegee. 5. Soft lint free shop towel

Steps: 1.

Clean repair area. 2.

Apply putty with included spreader. 3.

Remove excess with Leveler chemical. 4.

Apply paint with “connect the dots” technique (no brush strokes). 5.


Wait 10 min. to wax or polish.

Don’t rush to the body shop immediately for bumper damage.

Try ScratchWizard first, and possibly save $100s.

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