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Training Certifications/Affiliations

BMW of North America

Developed the BMW of North America detail training program

About Us

We don’t do “cookie cutter” detailing or packages. Every car is unique

and every customer has unique requirements. Many detailing websites will

list packages and pricing. Were sorry, we don’t do that. As we said,

every car has different unique challenges and to get it perfect we can’t

quote a price or a specific set of operations until we see the vehicle

and speak to you about your concerns. We also would love to see you and

your fine automobile and would love to show you our facility and show

off just a little. Please call us to schedule a time so we can look over

your car and make an appointment. We will say….and we are sure you may

have realized by now…..that we are not the cheapo detail shop seen in

many towns. We don’t want to be. Many detailers can “clean cars” but we

know what real “detailing” is and the unmistakable elegance and beauty

that will be seen after we have been commissioned.