Four Awesome Google Search Hacks You Need to Know 

Using the Google search can be a lot of fun if done right. We have collected 4 quickies for you to enjoy your next Google search.

Four Google Search Hacks you need to know

Google offers help in many ways. Be it the Google Maps service with the excellent navigation feature or the awesome Google Street View. But when it comes to daily things like planning your meal, finding the definition for a word or having a quick timer at hand, we often do not think of Google. But Google has many features you can use in your daily life to make things a bit easier.

Here are 4 really cool Google search hacks you can use right away.

Google Timer

You can use the Google search box to set a timer for you. Simply insert set timer for 8 minutes to – well – set a timer for 8 minutes. Note: You need to leave this tab/window open for the timer to ring

Google Search Hack Set Timer
Google’s timer

Google’s Tip Calculator

So you’re out with your colleagues, friends or family, and have no idea how much you should tip your waitress? Google is here to help you!
Simply enter tip calculator into the search box to fire up Google’s tip calculator.
Oh, and here’s a hint for all you people looking to score with a nice niche website around tip calculators: You’re out of luck 😉

Google search hack Tip Calculator
Google’s Tip Calculator

Let Google explain a word for you

Most of you know the define: search operator. But did you know that you can simply use the tilde to let Google spit out a word definition?
Simply enter ~dork to get the Google definition of the word “dork”

Google search hack  Tilde Search Operator
Google’s Tilde Search Operator

The mighty vs

So you want to grab a bite and don’t know what you want to get? Unsure whether it’s gonna be Pizza or Bacon? Let Google help you with the decision.
Simply enter Bacon vs Pizza and mighty Google will tell you what’s best for you.

Google search hack  Versus Operator
Google Versus Operator

Have fun with these little Google search hacks – which are not really hacks but cool features our friend Mr. Google has built into his miracle machine.

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