Apparel : Teva – Men’s – Mush

Apparel : Teva – Men’s – Mush

Apparel : Teva – Men’s – Mush

Teva – Men’s – Mush



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Teva Sports Sandals

Teva Sports Sandals

Teva Sports Sandals


Teva Sports Sandals

There’s nothing better than stepping into a fat Teva

Mush thong (we know that sounds awful). These Tevas are the most comfortable, cushiony, feet-friendly thongs around.

Sturdy three-point thong upper and a soft Durapontex EVA midsole for ultra comfort.


– Nylon thong upper


Durapontex EVA


– 3.7 oz (Approximate weight of one shoe)

Average Rating:


These are by far the best flip flops, not only for their comfort, but at this price their value too!

I live in the Florida Keys and these flip flops are my primary shoes and my feet have never been happier.

The soft footbed, which will conform to meet your foot’s unique contour makes these flips flops feel like a good pair of socks.

Well worth the money!


I have never owned flip-flops before because I was sure I would hate them.

My roommate raves about her Tevas, and I smile and nod.

Yesterday I saw some on sale and tried them on for kicks and giggles.

I bought them.

It feels almost silly to rave about some flip-flops but here I am.

Folks, these are THE most comfy things that I have ever had on my feet.


I used to hate wearing flip-flops because they hurt my feet, but since I bought these, I’ve had no problems.

It really feels like I’m walking on clouds because they are so soft.

I purchased my first pair a month ago and actually went back to buy another pair to have an extra set.

I highly, highly recommend these flip-flops.


Living in Florida I get a lot of miles out of sandals. Teva Mush are some of my favorites for their cushony step and relatively reliable durability. I also like the designs on the straps which is why I chose to get the Men’s pair this time instead of the ladies. It’s a great sandal to throw on while running errands or going to the beach. The thick sole helps cushion your feet while the strap has enough give to make this a flip flop but at the same time keep the shoes on your feet.

I …

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