Apparel : Woman’s Cotton Lycra Ankle Pant

Apparel : Woman’s Cotton Lycra Ankle Pant

Apparel : Woman’s Cotton Lycra Ankle Pant

Woman’s Cotton Lycra Ankle Pant


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90% combed, ring-spun, Pima Cotton and 10% spandex. (other, low cost brands have only 5% spandex) 1″ elastic waistband.

Made in the U.S.A.

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Average Rating:


I just bought these, have worn and washed once.

So far so good.

they are a little light weight, but I got them to wear under long tops, sweaters and skirts, so that is fine.

they fit very nice.

I have a problem with things being too short from waist to crotch, these fit.

They are also long enough in the leg.

I am happy with them and hope they hold up for a long time!


I bought my leggings from Lands End for years, but they recently stopped carrying them. It has been very difficult to find a replacement anywhere, until I tried these out of desperation. They are a very suitable replacement at about 1/3 the price.

I wore a medium from Lands End and the medium size of this product fits perfectly. These are longer than the Lands End leggings and that’s good for me. These have 2% less spandex, but have plenty of stretch and recovery. These are not as heavy, …


Made in America.

Priced right.

Perfect thickness and tight fit.

Excellent for working out, yoga, pilates, around the house or even for layering.

They are basic but they are not cheaply made or lacking quality.

cons: I wish the color selection was better and that they made complementing tank tops, sports bras, shorts or calf length pants.


The last reviewer is right.

I searched and searched for leggings that were long enough for my 5’10” frame.

These are perfect.

The legs are plenty long enough.

I am very happy with these.


A friend once told me that being a tall is worse than being a petite because I can always shorten pants, but you cannot make extra fabric to lengthen hems that fall above one’s ankles?

Well I can recommend these leggings for those fabric challenged tall gals.

I usually buy a small, even though I have a slightly stocky build–okay, let’s face it my waist is about three-quarters-of-an-inch long.

So not only would the standard sized legging in a medium be long at the ankle, but the top portion …

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