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What is Banc De Binary? Well, it is an online binary options broker that appeared on the market in 2009. What it offers more than others is the transparency related to the team that manage it and the location of their office. The company is situated in New York City, in the heart of the Wall Street. The minimum deposit that must be done in order to start trading using this broker is about $250, which is high, but on the other hand it reflects the desire of the management team of working only with traders that want to invest and to trade more and more. Banc de Binary is one of the veteran brokers offering a great transparency.

Like many other platforms, the trading platform for de Banc de Binary is web- based. The advantage of the web-based platform is related to the fact that the trader can trade from all over the world. It is easy to use and the traders can find what they want to know very easy, without losing their time searching for the links that they want to access. Moreover, the traders can navigate very easy because of the four platforms from which the traders have to choose in order to suit to their style.

The first platform, , it is very simple designed and it can be found in most of the websites related to the binary options. The traders can verify while they are trading the analyses of the market made by those who are prepared in this way.

is Option Builder, named in this way because it gives the opportunity to the traders to create their own trade, taking also into consideration the risks involved, but also the profit that can be done. How works Option Builder? Well, there must be followed five steps. Firstly, the trader has to choose an asset, secondly, he has to choose an expiry time. In the third place, the trader has to choose the profit level, from the menu. In the forth place, the trader must click on the Call Option if he believes that the prices will be higher than those set at the beginning or Put Option if he believes that the prices will be smaller than those that were set at the beginning. Lastly, the trader has to set the amount of money that he wants to invest and that`s it.

The third one,

is unsure because it is created for those who believe that some prices will go in a certain direction in a specific period of time. Even if the payout is big, up to $500, there is involved a huge risk, risk that some of the traders are able to assume in order to have the profit.

is BinaryMeta that works in the same way as the standard platforms. The advantage that it gives is the possibility for the traders to see the trades that they had done, their evolution, in real time.

If it is about to talk about the payout offered by this broker, we must say that even if the prices of an asset goes down or on the other hand it goes up, the trader will receive a payout, a payout that was set at the beginning of the trade. The traders will know from the beginning the risks that are involved and the profit that he can made. If the trader is In the Money, he can receive a profit that can reach 71% of the investment that was made, and if we talk about One Touch platform, the profit can be up to $500. There are also bonuses that consist in 50% of the initial investment that was done.

Another important thing that must be kept in mind when we talk about a broker is the list of the assets. Well, Banc de Binary offers a list with up to 90 assets from which the traders can choose in order to fell comfortable to the trade that they want to make. Moreover, the traders have the possibility to choose from 4 different expiry times: 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour and one day. If there are traders that face problems while they are trading or if there is something that they don`t understand, they can use the customer service in order to find answers to their questions. There is a customer service available in many languages including: English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Russian, Arabic and so on. Because of its transparency and respect that was gained during the time, the traders will receive the money that they gained in a couple of days with no doubt.

Like everything in this world, Banc de Binary has advantages but also disadvantages. Some of the advantages would be that the trader has the possibility to create his trade with Option Builder. Moreover, he can trade 24/7 using the One Touch trading. The various platforms that are offered give also the possibility to the trader to choose what it feels it suits him and in some cases the profit can be found somewhere at the 500% of the investment set at the beginning. One disadvantage would be related to the bonuses offered by this broker that are not as higher as others. Anyway, Banc de Binary is comparatively with others quite exceptional with features that can make the trader want to trade more and more in order to have a high profit. It is safe because of the transparency offered and at the same time interesting because of the variety of platforms.