What Does It Take To Be Successful In a Niche Site?

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Micro niche websites like most other businesses is a numbers game, now before you ask let me explain.  I like many of you work a regular nine-to-five job, mine happens to be in outside sales.  I have worked in outside sales for most of my adult life and proud to say that I am rather good at what I do.  I am good at my job because I learned a basic principle a long time ago and that principle is that I have to plan my work and work my plan.

The key to success in outside sales is to know your numbers and plan your day, week and month around them.  A good sales person if asked can tell you their numbers without hesitation, they know that they must make thirty prospecting calls in order to schedule one new customer appointment and that they need to schedule five new appointments in order to make one sale.

They also know that on average they need to meet with a potential customer twice in order to gain their business which means for every five new customer appointments they go one they will get one second customer appointment.

Taking these numbers into account if a professional sales person needs to close business with four new customers to make their quota each month, then they need to plan out their schedule accordingly.  If we take these numbers and break them down then we will see that in order to close business with four new customers we need to make six hundred prospecting calls a month in order to schedule twenty new customer appointments.  We also need to run twenty new customer appointments and four second customer appointments in order to make our four sales for the month

In the typical month that means that we need to make one hundred and fifty prospecting phone calls each week in order to schedule five new customer appointments. We also need to run one second customer appointment each week in order to close business with one new customer in order to make our four new sales for the month.

We can break that down even further by saying in order to make quota for the month our professional sales person needs to make 30 prospecting phone and run one new customer appointment each day as well as one second appointment.

When we look at things strictly from a numbers standpoint then we know that for our sales professional to close business with four new customers each month so that they can make quota and be successful, it all starts with making 30 prospecting calls each and every day.

By doing so they will schedule five new customer appointments each week that will result in them scheduling one second customer appointment which will result in closing business with one new customer.  If they do this every day of the month them every month they will close business with four new customers and make their quota which is how you acquire success as a professional sales person.

What does this all have to do with being successful in this business? Everything, the business of making money online with micro niche sites is no different than being a successful professional sales person.  Just like our successful sales professional you have to plan your work and work your plan each and every day.  You have to carve out and schedule time each day to work on your business.

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If your goal is to build 10 niche sites a month then you have to know how long it will take you to put all the pieces together and have a finished website.  You have to know how long it takes you to do keyword research in order to find ten primary keywords that meet all of your requirements in order for them to be profitable.

You have to know how long it will take you to do your secondary keyword research for each of your primary keywords so that your sites will generate more traffic resulting in more profits.  You have to know how long it will take you to proof read all of your outsourced content so that your websites have quality content that is relevant to your keyword(s) and interesting to readers.

I have found that for me personally with my busy schedule that I need to actually make a schedule for myself to work on my business. If you know that it takes you thirty minutes of keyword research to find one high traffic low competition keyword and you want to build ten micro niche sites each month then you need to schedule time for yourself to do five hours of keyword research over the course of the month.

If your desire is to be successful in the business of making money online with micro niche websites then take the time to learn what your process is and how much time you need to complete each of the tasks involved in building your sites.

Treat your business like a job, make a schedule and hold yourself accountable for your time and stick to it.  One last piece of advice, take into account the time it takes for your projects to come back when you outsource.  If you plan everything out properly you will not have any unproductive and wasted time that would have been better served building your business.

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