How to Become a Top Seller on Fiverr

Need to increase you seller Fiverr seller level to a Top Seller? You need to learn about secrets behind my Fiverr Gig Exchange Program.

Why Join A Fiverr Gig Exchange Program?

If you are still stuck on 0 sales after trying everything to promote your Fiverr Gig, you need to start thinking outside the box. If you are new to Fiverr, it can be VERY hard to get the first few vital sales in. I know this because I was there, you set up a great gig for dirt cheap and only a fool wouldn’t buy it but you still don’t get any sales after months of trying to promote your gig.

What you need to remember is that people trust other people, Fiverr buyers need to see that someone else has tried out your gig and it works –  they do this by looking and the number of sales you have made and the feedback from buyers.

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Fiverr comes down to sales and reviews, the more sales and reviews you have, the more exposure they will give you – remember Fiverr is a business and want to make money. When you make over 10 sales and have been registered on the site for 30 days, Fiverr assigns a fancy looking level 1 badge to your account – this installs trust in buyers when they view your profile.

Fiverr also sees that you are showing potential and will favor your gig over someone who has less sales and reviews as you will make Fiverr more money over someone that is wasting ‘ad space’ on their website. Whats more is after you are assigned level 1, you can make more money (also make Fiverr more money) as they let you set up a bunch of extras where you can charge more per a gig.

After you have made over 50 sales within 2 months, you are assigned level 2 and get even more extras.. There’s also a Top Seller level where you can make even more money!

How to get at least 10 sales for your Level 1 badge

It started with a few guys in a forum exchanging gigs, “I will buy and give a great review your gig if you buy and review my gig”. What just happened here? I went to Fiverr and bought his gig for $5, he delivered “the work” and I gave a positive rating. He was then paid $4 dollars by Fiverr. He then went and bought my gig and I delivered “the work” he gave my gig a awesome review. Then I got paid $4 by Fiverr..

It cost me $1 for a sale and review – that’s nothing! So I made my money back minus a measly $1 in return for a sale on my account that Fiverr will reward me for and a awesome gig review that I will also get rewarded for and helps potential buyers TRUST my service. After 10 gig exchanges and an investment of $10 dollars, I had been given my level 1 badge AND I actually made 2 genuine sales in the process – that’s $10 dollars and covered my investment and the orders just kept rolling in!

I kept on doing gig exchanges in order to reach level 2 and by this time I was getting around 10 orders a day which equals $50 every day. I actually made more money as people often took me up on my gig extras which I charged $10 and $15 for.

Fiverr Gig Exchange Program Steps

  1. Register a new account on a popular SEO forum such as BlackHatWorld or the Worrior Forum. Do not use the same name as your Fiverr account as they could trace it back to you and ban your account
  2. Start a topic with a headline line, “Fiverr Gig Echange – Get reviews for $1″
  3. Explain the process in your post, something along the lines of, “I will buy and review your gig in return for buying and reviewing my gig, Fiverr will take $1 commission on each sale so it will cost myself and you $1 each as we each get the $4 back for each sale.” Just make it clear and explain the benefits I mentioned above.
  4. Don’t be stupid and get all 10 sales in one day, start out with 1 sale for the first day and then push it up to 2 sales on the second day, 3 sales on the third day and 5 sales on the fourth day. 3 days to get over 10 sales and review is not a long wait so be patent. Also do not use the same buyer twice for the first 10 sales.
  5. Do not try and set up multiple Fiverr accounts and try buy your own gig as Fiverr will pick up your IP Address and other details resulting in banning all your account.
  6. Good luck and keep at it! For best results – set up 3 similar gigs and get all of then on Level 1, you will have a much greater chance of one of them going main stream.

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