The Perks Of Becoming A Mechanical Engineer

becoming a mechanical engineer

If you are contemplating becoming a mechanical engineer and have asked yourself why should I become a Mechanical Engineer, today I would like to give some insight into the perks of becoming one in this post.

While we were browsing the web trying to know why some people consider mechanical engineering as one of the most established major branch of engineering science, we have also come across some forums on some sites where young people were discussing the fun things of becoming a mechanical engineer.

One student complained that he took the mechanical engineering degree because he thought this is more challenging but then a year in study he started to get bored. Then a seemingly professional guy replied that the first two years in the course are focused only on theories and fixing things. But with the last 2 or 3 years, the course can become a do or die battle and this is where the fun starts.

Basically, if we look at the kinds of jobs that most people enjoy, there is always the perks in every job which primarily depends on the interest of the person. For example, a professor of mathematics would always feel delighted whenever he read that scientists are coming up with new ways in exploring other planets. While a musician thinks this is crazy, he only believes his music is much better than discovering stars.

In essence, mechanical engineers really enjoy their jobs because this is their major interest. Maybe since mechanical engineers were young, they enjoyed checking out how machines work. Perhaps they felt curious how electricity can power up machines and when they grew up they still enjoy discovering how to transform natural energy into many uses.

They get excited doing the tinkering, researching, designing, producing, analyzing and everything a bright and curious mind can do with regards to any mechanical devices. This is why they do great with their jobs when they become mechanical engineers.

Who are the ones who help produce our air-conditioning units, refrigerators, escalators and elevators, robots, engine cars and most especially the machine equipment our industries rely on? It is the mechanical engineers nonetheless. For countless ways, these engineers are almost in every part of our industries and they are still propelling our civilizations into further advancement.

On the other hand, we try to find out what are the actual perks in becoming a mechanical engineer and so we made further research to try to discover why do you want to be a mechanical engineer?

Why Mechanical Engineers Like Their Jobs

    • They essentially like what they do. Mechanical engineers are very good in mathematical principles and have strong background in physics and science so whenever they do their jobs, they enjoy it. They are constantly challenged by hard problems that require precise calculations and yet they can always come up with solutions and that is really satisfying for them.

      You can see them working in many parts of our industries while some of them prefer just to enjoy their hobbies. You can see one putting up his own car repair shop while another is assisting other engineers design a space rocket.

    • They can upgrade their skills easily. For those who want to be better in their chosen domain, they can always upgrade their skills and knowledge. First, they can get a higher education by taking their Master’s or PhD degrees and choose their specializations. With a higher education, they get better wages and promotions are easy at hand. Second, they can apply for jobs that require intense technical skills in which they can learn further and third, they can work with multinational companies where the chance to take up more training comes up like usual part of their jobs.
    • The salaries and benefits are excellent. As of 2012, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average hourly rate of an American mechanical engineer working in the general purpose industry averages $34 while if he would be working for oil and gas industry could provide him $61 an hourly rate.

      And as the engineer gets to be more seasoned, he can get higher income. Other than the attractive wage rate, they are generally covered with high-end life and health insurance, retirement policies and get the chance to be provided with educational assistance. Their families also get to be secured especially with the medical insurance. This is why mechanical engineers do lead comfortable lives than other professionals.

    • Better Job Security. In many aspects of our industries, we really need the presence of mechanical engineers. So if we look at their job security, they are better secured than the rest of us. They are not easy to be laid-off unless their companies go bankrupt. But then, they can get hired just as easy by other companies.

      In fact, more countries need more mechanical engineers who graduate from the best universities and these countries provide the best salaries and benefits just to attract professional mechanical engineers from all over the world.

    • They have wider options with the array of specializations based from their interest. There are countless of specializations mechanical engineers can indulge to so they can basically choose which really interest them. Among the new technologies that young mechanical engineers get easily interested on are in the industry of biomechatronics, sports biomechanics, robotics, energy and power, nanotechnology, aeronautics, and other recent technologies that are leading us nearer to space-age technology.

So what else can you expect if you can become a mechanical engineer? The perks, fun and benefits are actually a lot. Just a reminder, you really have to like the job of a mechanical engineer prior to taking the degree because taking an education in mechanical engineering is not really easy.

Like we have said, you have to be very good in mathematics, science and physics in order to survive the degree. But if you are and you like extra challenges always, help yourself to be an accomplished mechanical engineer.

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