[Beginners] Start Android App Development with an Android Phone

Hello Every one, Today i want to show you guys how to start developing android apps with your Android phones. To set up Android Studio isnt and Easy thing or to have it Run on low spec system sucks. So to save the stress start developing your apps now on mobile phone and Tablet, if you have a tablet i will prefer you use it but if you dont then use your Android mobile devices.

The App that does everything is called “AIDE” meaaning Android Intergreted Development environment. You can search and download it from play Store orhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.aide.ui

This app does Many things as Android Studio though not up to Android Studio.

AIDE playstore

The App installed as you can see the screenshot below you can use it to learn basic Android/Java development skills or you can just head to expert mode to create your first Android App project.

The App actually isnt all free as you can see to unlock so features you need to buy but as a beginner you can continue for free and Upgrade later if you want to, the price there in Naira is N2,970,

I have continued to create my first app, i will Just create and Continue, you can enter your custom app name and package name.

This is the basic hello world layout file. The layout is used for styling and adding items like buttons, text, images etc. I will explain all in my other tutorials to come.

This is the java file it contains all command, functions, method and other things the app does

Without editing anything I just run my app (The play icon on the action bar) and the app is building.

Viola this the output of the codes a Hello Word text

With AIDE you can make Advance Android Apps, It a very great tool for Developers. Keep following this site to get tutorials on developing android apps, If you have any question below comment below.

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