Five Benefits That Dedicated Hosting Can Bring To Your Site

Coming up with a site is one step towards gaining online reputation and recognition. That is however not all you need to decide what kind of hosting service you will opt for. Many companies find themselves in a fix when it comes to this issue leaving many of them undecided or even falling for the wrong plan.

I am not saying that making such a decision is easy but there are some factors that you need to consider that will direct your course of action. For instance you need to know the volume of the business that you conduct and more specifically your online traffic size.

benefits of dedicated hosting
Dedicated Server Hosting


I you have many visitors frequenting your site for instance you may have to opt for a dedicated server to be enable you handle such traffic well and reduce bounce rates.

You can also look at such other factors as the sensitivity of your business for instance banking or money handling eCommerce sites. Shared hosting has its own benefits but it is largely restrictive meaning that you may not optimize your business functions on such a plan.

Dedicated servers on the other hand have lots of benefits that’s they can bring to your site and business as a whole. Below is a look at the top seven advantages of this type of web hosting.


Dedicated servers are generally considered reliable compared to their shared hosting counterparts. Shared hosting means that you are using the server space with many others and a mistake done by a single one of them can make the performance of the entire server network less than optimal.

Dedicated server hosting however makes you the sole owner and manager of the server space making it easy for your site to launch well and load faster. It is this reliability that makes such factors like uptime and loading times faster and efficient. Once the online clients realize this, they will prefer you to your competitors.

Control and Access

Dedicated servers give you the total control and access into the server space. This means that you do not have to wait for another person or a technician to fix an issue with your site because you can access it yourself and do all the administrative functions that you so require.

You can install programs and uninstall others that you may feel they are no longer useful, you can also be able to monitor how your server space is being utilized; this audit is critical because it can signal you if you need extra space or you need to downscale your operations. It also helps you identify and correct issues related to your site.

Technical Support

Dedicated server hosting clients are usually given priority when it comes to web hosting matters. They are assigned a very high level technical team that responds to their queries in time and enables issues to be resolved with urgency. This is in sharp contrast to shared hosting where the response time may not be as fast making you stick with your problems and eventually lose sales.

Technical support teams can also advise you just in case there is something that is not going right. They can change server setting for you, troubleshoot on some site issues on your behalf and even perform other subsidiary functions necessary to keep your site running.

Safe Storage Space

Servers can be bought and installed privately by businesses. This is however not beneficial because it is expensive to purchase and maintain but more to that, you need a separate room with controlled temperatures where you can store the server and its related equipment.

You may also need to hire an attendant who just looks at the performance of the server to ensure that it does not go down. To help you avoid all these unnecessary costs you can opt for a dedicated server where the hosting company makes you enjoy all the advantages of your own server at a fee that is a fraction of what you could have incurred.

Having Your Own IP Address

Shared usually gives you one IP address which may be risky if you are running a high traffic website. IP conflicts usually occur leading to loss of internet connectivity or even congestion.

This jeopardizes your efforts of getting that much desired online presence. Dedicated servers on the other hand give you an IP address that is very unique through which you direct your own traffic without interruptions.