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When you think of a “steel building,” what image does your mind conjure up? If you’re like most people – familiar, in passing, with different materials and building supplies, but not quite tuned in to the latest developments in architecture and manufacturing – there’s a good chance you picture one of two things: an ugly, cold, l tube, uninhabitable or unusable for anything except basic storage, or a building whose interior beams are made out of steel, but whose exterior is still made out of more traditional buildings like wood or bricks.The thing about both of these images is that neither of them is representative of what steel buildings are today. New,

are built to amazingly high standards of quality and offer anyone, from residential customers to large businesses, affordable and easy-to-use alternatives for storage, workshops, and all kinds of other spaces.These buildings, made by companies like , come in a large number of models and colours and between their attractive appearances and their pricing, it’s really no wonder that more and more people looking to expand the amount of usable space on their property are turning to steel buildings instead of more traditional buildings that might take longer to construct, or cost them more money in the long run.But let’s take a step back. First, before we get too far into the different features steel buildings can offer, it’s still important to understand why people might consider a “traditional” brick or wooden building before turning to the option of a steel building.These types of structures look far more like what we might consider a “typical” building to be. Because we’ve experienced cultural images that tell us, time and time again, that brick buildings are the kind that are sturdiest and strongest (remember the story of the three little pigs?), we are more inclined to trust the structural integrity of these traditional buildings over everything else. Steel buildings aren’t in our structural vocabulary yet – we don’t think of them the same way we think of a brick or wood building.But there is a quietly growing movement of people who understand the edge a l building can have over a more traditional one; these people see the numerous advantages of using steel and have begun to take these buildings on, using them on their property instead, to great success. So, what are some of the reasons a property owner looking for more space might find a steel building preferable? Well, for starters, a steel building is . Other materials create tons of waste – wood, for example, requires the cutting down of forest growth, plus all the it takes to transport it from the factory to your property. Steel is a recyclable material, and can be reused in the construction of new buildings.This doesn’t mean it’s flimsy or less effective than other materials by any means, though – all steel buildings are built to adhere to strict manufacturing and structural regulations that make them resistant to all kinds of adverse weather conditions, even more extreme ones like hurricanes.Steel is energy-efficient, and holds heat well, meaning that if your building is insulated, you will be able to save money on heating costs. There’s also the matter of customization: these types of buildings can be easily modified according to your specifications or size-related desires.Their design can be changed or modified to fit your tastes, so you’re not just stuck with a generic-looking building like the ones you might have seen in the past. Also, an extra bonus when it comes to these buildings is how easy they are to install. Instead of a team of builders and contractors, all you need is the kit for your building and a couple of friends to help you put it up, and chances are, you can be done in a weekend!Traditional buildings often use nails to make structural connections, while steel buildings will use bolted connections, which are ultimately stronger and more durable. There are other factors that make these buildings better options for those who want to save money in the future as well – these buildings are resistant to , mildew and mold, meaning that you and your possessions will be safe, and you won’t end up having to spend extra money on repairs and replacements as time goes by. Steel is not porous, and there is no moisture in the material, meaning no fear of this kind of growth or infestation.Steel buildings are typically fairly wide. The absence of load-bearing walls within these structures can allow for last minute changes to their construction and make any future remodeling simple as well, since it can be done without compromising on the structural integrity of the building.In short, steel buildings will stand the test of time. Try one out with your own property or business and learn about the many things steel can do for you! **Nothing on this website should be confused with financial or legal advice. If you need this, or any other type of advice, please seek the help of a competent professional. In addition, because real estate laws change all the time and differ from state to state, and even city to city in the same state, everything in these pages should be considered general marketing advice and ideas. Please see link to full Disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

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