Best Alcohol Rehab in Marbella from Lux Rehabs

Lux Rehabs Marbella
Edif. Golden B, 1ª Planta
Avda. Ricardo Soriano, 72
Marbella, Málaga, 29601
Phone: +34 932 20 90 73

We are known one of the most unique luxury detox clinics in the world when it comes to alcohol detox therapy. We known as a network of the most exceptional rehabilitation clinics on the planet and we are present in Marbella also. With us a client will enjoy free consulting pertaining to addiction rehabilitation concerns, a rapid admission in our center and complete privacy. Our rehab center in Marbella was built from the beginning to offer an entirely wonderful experience for our clients. We do not take shortcuts about the therapy or the experience we offer to our clients.

Lux Rehabs Marbella is giving our customers a welcomed option to end with the triggering factors of addictive behavior regularly run across in daily life and enables our client to recuperate and focus his energy on securing excellent health, both physical and mental. Our prescription drug detoxification patients get from the entire world, some of them being Spain, Australia or Netherlands.

Lux Rehabs Marbella dispenses a multitude of treatments which range from medical help to personal recovery, every single one of our therapeutic methods entered into an honed personal treatment plan for every particular customer. The customer’s specific story is personal , so the only road to provide an useful drug rehabilitation therapy plan is to take this into consideration. The therapy of alcohol and drug addicts for each individual is going to be influenced by a number of factors, including his loved ones and also distinct history, type of addictive behavior, whether they happen to be male or female as well as other variables.