Best chrome extensions to make your browsing more efficient and convenient

Among the available browsers, most of the users choose Google Chrome for faster and better browsing. While comparing Firefox and Explorer, the JavaScript performance in Chrome is faster. As the chrome is new breed of speed, it can be customized as much as possible.

We can make it even more faster, and make it perform all handy tasks. Chrome has new extensions and add ons uploaded day-by-day on Chrome web store. These little innovations results in a better  way to experience your browsing.

Best chrome extensions to make your browsing more efficient convenient

The usage of extension varies for each user. Some may browse online, while Geeks or power users will go deep into Google Experiments and researching Advanced Extensions and apps to use.

We gathered the Best extensions from Google web store, which we consider must haves. They are handy tools and will improve performance for users.

1. Boomerang

Got a busy schedule, or were you away from the office or Internet? Then the Boomerang for Gmail makes it easier, will perform your e-mail tasks and reminds you about your schedule. Boomerang can schedule the E-mail, can set a reminder for your e-mail, or other events like birthdays, project works, daily tasks etc.

2. Pin Search

Always pinning on Pinterest or browsing all categories and images? Well here’s a quick trick for you to find exactly what you are searching for. Pin Search can search for images only on Pinterest, and find all images and content related to search terms. This extension is powered by Google search engine, which powers up new discovery of images easily. You need to click the Search button on the image in pinterest, then Google automatically searches for it.

3. Banana Tag

This is a great Chrome app for Monitoring and tracking your e-mails, you can track your sent and received mails. Banana Tag tracks weather the E-mail is Open or not, and also notifies the e-mail browsing activity as if someone opens the e-mail and clicks the links in the e-mail.

Banana Tag integrates in to gmail and provides options while composing and vewing an e-mail on Banana Tag dashboard. This extension is available for free as well as paid version with premium features, like users can track more emails and monitor more stuff without any daily limit.

4. Panic Button

This is a must have Extension, for most power users who are clever enough to handle their activity hidden. If you were in office, and browsing online and your boss approaches you, Don’t panic!

Just click on ‘Panic Button’ and it restores your previous activity so your current browsing session will be hidden. Panic Button Hides all your current tabs with just one click and these hidden tabs are saved to a bookmarks folder.

You can access them back by clicking the same button again. You can also password protect the Panic button to stop restoring the hidden tabs or activity by an unauthorized user.

5. E-mail this Page

This extension allows you to E-mail anything you see on a website into links like copied Text and images formatted into E-mail by your default mail client or Gmail. This also adds an email button to the tool bar, and when you click on it, shows the options to send quick e-mail.

6. Chrome to Mobile

You have to leave and you will miss the web page you are browsing in Chrome on desktop? No problem – you can instantly send that page to Chrome on desktop to chrome on Mobile and also save the page for off-line reading. You can send it to Chrome on mobile or Chrome on iPad, off-line content supports saving of images too.

This Extension adds a small button beside the Omni search bar, by clicking on it shows the options of sending to different devices. To connect your phone, you need to install Chrome on phone ( Android or IOS)  and then sign in with the same account as on Desktop, and then you will see your device in the Send to list.

7. Ultimate Chrome Flag

Know complete information of website you are Visiting with just one click, this Extension grabs all the information of the website like Country region, Ip Address and domain, Geo local information, Google and Alexa page-ranks, and security Advisers from McAfee and WOT. This is Great tool for Normal web browsing, it protects you by telling you the exact information and noticeably a handy tool in regarding SEO.

8. Scrollbar of Contents

Bored on scrolling long web pages? Install Scrollbar of Contents Chrome extension, it breaks the webpage scrollbar into links as clickable with headings and titles of page and posts.

9. Pocket

One click, what you see will go to your Pocket and can be accessible form Mobile, tablet or pc. You can save Videos, images and webpages then read and browse them later. These can be arranged in different folders and tags, also integrated social media like twitter for sharing your favorite content. This enables the Syn of saved content across iPhone, iPad, Android and more.

10. Apture Highlights for Chrome (Apture Search Plugin)

Want to search something instantly? Here you go, the Apture does it, can search content instantly on the web. For example, if you were browsing through a article on web, and need to know about a Phrase or keyword, so Apture can provide information about that term instantly from available sources like YouTube, wikipedia, Images, twitter and social media. This technique can expand your content research on Knowing it well. All you have to do is, select the text of which you want to detailed info and then click search or Apture Shortcut.

Happy browsing! Feel free to post your comments and suggestions on this post.


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