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best javascript bookHaving used JavaScript for more than ten years, I have undertook studies in numerous books covering the language. Several concentrated mainly on syntax. Others recounted and addressed specified real-world situations.

Learning a language as being a group of step by step tasks is one of many ways to get up to pace quickly, but it’s not really a great strategy to thoroughly study a language’s subtleties and idioms.

While those types of books certainly have their own place, it’s disappointingly hard to come by a book that offers JavaScript for the first-class programming language which it genuinely is.

After looking at only page one of this book’s preface, I believed that I had definitely discovered the remedy to those understated illustrations of compound interest calculators with the monotonous details of publications that devote pages on alert()’s syntax. No, this specific book is distinct from the rest…

Studying under an expert

On the subject of deep knowledge of JavaScript, there aren’t many who are able to consider themselves Douglas Crockford’s colleague. In reality, being the first to present JSON, you might even point out that most of the things I discuss here is made achievable by Crockford. And as if that wasn’t enough, Crockford also authored the helpful JSLint tool, went on to develop into a JavaScript creator at Yahoo and serves on the ECMAScript panel.
I’m not meaning  to oversell the guy. My point is merely that in case there’s one particular source that one could believe will hasten your 10,000 working hours in the direction of JavaScript mastery, Crockford can be as likely that resource as anyone.

To the point

Among my personal favorite facets of the publication is it is rather concise. The whole book weighs in at fewer than 150 pages, and that is rare when talking about a technical book. Specifically rare for one directed at an intermediate to advanced crowd.

The book’s brevity makes it possible for it to be both inexpensive, as well as far easier to hold handy and make use of  it as a reference. Actually, I frequently find myself opening the book rather than searching Google, whenever I have to be clarified on a JavaScript difficulty.

Nevertheless, such densely bundled information isn’t without having its drawbacks. You will have to spend some time and perhaps read some parts of the book a few times. Consider it the Code Total of JavaScript books. Crockford himself positions it well with this “warning” within the first page in the book:
This isn’t a guide for beginners. This guide is compact, however it is packed. There is lots of substance packed in it. Don’t be disheartened if this takes several readings to acquire it. Your time and effort will be rewarded.

The not so good parts too

Very little time is focused on the negative facets of JavaScript, however the book does quickly advise us about several of the worst elements of the language. . Previously being caught in some of JavaScript’s hidden quagmires through the years myself, without a doubt  understanding the location of such landmines could save you several hours.
Read it from the man himself

For those who have a couple of minutes to spare Crockford gave an excellent talk at Yahoo to accentuate the book.

In case you aren’t keen on reading his book, I strongly suggest watching the talk if you use JavaScript in the least. It’s intriguing to listen to how he began with JavaScript and his brilliant view on the way the language works:

Certainly not for all

As excellent as this book is, it’s definitely not for everybody.

If you’re searching for quick tutorials, you won’t obtain them here. A Internet search will probably help you to the finish line much faster if that’s all that you are concerned about.

best javascript bookIf you would like learn JavaScript coming from a blank slate, I recommend integrating the Crockford book with a different book that’s meant more for beginners. JavaScript: The Missing Manual makes a very good companion for this book, as an example. You can technically learn JavaScript from the beginning only using the Crockford book, however it could be an uphill battle.
However, if you would like discover ways to take JavaScript to the limits, use its advanced functions proficiently, and greater comprehension of this often misunderstood anchor of the Web as we know it: JavaScript: The Good Parts is really a must-read!

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