Best Photo Apps For iPhone

When you look at the world, it’s through a viewfinder: Portrait or landscap? Color or black and white? Photo or video? The world is your studio, and all the things in it merely subjects awaiting the click of your shutter.

These best iphone photo apps turn your phone into a pocket paparazzi powerhouse… while compiling this list of best camera apps for iphone we also keep in mind the new iphone 5. Everyone is waiting for iPhone 5, new iphone 5 will have better camera. These photo apps will work great with you new iphone 5. These photography apps can also be used on ipad and ipod touch.

8mm Vintage Camera – Best App for Old Romantics photography ($1.99)

Best Photo Apps For iPhone


Although Kodak still makes Super 8 film you’ll have to send it to the continent or the States to get it processed. This app and its HD iPad variant will add all manner of defects to your digital footage, creating the same effect without the carbon footprint. It can’t beat the cosiness of a real home movie, but it does its best with jumpy frames, dust flickering light, vignettes and even a whirring projector sound. One of the few apps which makes the iPad feel like a viable video-shooting tool.

Frame x Frame – Best app for Photographers who want more (Free)

Best Apps For photographers

Along with Slow Shutter Cam this is one of the most useful and creative camera apps out there. It transforms the basic camera, giving you much more control. There’s a spirit level for straight horizons, a self-timer, anti-shake mode, three-shot burst and time-lapse recording. One tip: to record a time-lapse movie it’s actually easier to use the stop-motion feature set to ‘continuous shutter’. That way you’ll end up with a movie, rather than a series of stills. Even if it weren’t free, this would still be an essential app for inventive snappers.

iMovie – Best iPhone App for Easy video editing ($4.99)

Best Photo Apps For iPhone

The ranting reviews on iTunes would give you the wrong idea about iMovie. Its purpose is to edit the clips you’ve taken on your (Thing, and then to export or share them. It does that brilliantly albeit basically, on the iPhone. The iPod’s bigger screen gives the interface more room to breathe, and room for greater control over transitions and soundtracks. This is video editing the Apple way, so it’s quick and easy – but it leaves the door open for more versatile, specialist rivals. For now, it’s a clear winner.

Hipstamatic ($1.99)

Best photography Apps For iPhone

The elder statesman of retro camera apps is still out In front. No, it’s not ‘real’ retro, but real retro need big cameras, film, developing solution and much, much more money. Extend the app with ‘Hipstapaks’,each 69p.

Almost DLSR ($1.99)

Photo Apps For iPhone


Take control of your iphone camera with this app. Intuitive on-screen taps let you set focus and exposure, while dragging will change focal points. Added goodies include white balance settings, anti-shake options and GPS info.

CameraBag ($1.99)

Best Photo Apps For iPhone


If nostalgia-soaked Hips la ma tic-style vignetting is getting a little tired load up this effects app for a whole new world of tinkering. Retro faves such as Helga are present, or experiment with 1962′ – a dramatic B&W offering.

Instagram (Free)

Best Photo Apps For iPhone

With 10m users so far, Instagram is one of the founding fathers of photo filter apps. It has an easy-to-build photo stream, and you can follow your friends’ streams too. Effects include Lomo-fi, tBt— shift blur and custom borders.

Slow Shutter Cam – Best iPhone app for Night owls ($0.99)

Best Photo Apps iPhone

Long nightime exposures can be magical but results can be hit and miss. Slow Shutter Cam removes a lot of the guesswork with some ingenious features. For instance, with a normal camera you’d have to define the exposure time and other settings, and hope that it didn’t under- or over-expose. With this app you get a real-time preview of your photo, so you see the image ‘cooking’ on screen as it happens. You can also adjust the exposure after you’ve taken the shot and choose to give more prominence to a specific point in the photo. Brilliant stuff.

Camera Genius ($2.99)

Best Photo Apps For iPhone

Genius packs in a host of camera functions, including6xzoora timer, anti-shake, and on-screen guides. There are 20 one-tap effects, from Lomo to Grunge, and the full-screen camera button is ideal for the fat of finger.

Photogene ($2.99)

Make your images sing with this cropping and editing tool that’s ideal for use on the hoof. Adjust colour levels, correct exposure, sharpen Images – and dip into artistic filters and text bubbles, if you really can’t help yourself.

Camera+ ($0.99)

Best Photo Apps For iPhone

An app to take your Photography to the next level. This feature-packed favourite makes It easy to set up the perfect shot with tap focus and exposure sellings, 6x zoom. 16 scene modes, editing and advanced flash options.

You Gotta See This! Best iPhone app for Polaroid panoramas ($1.99)

Best Photo Apps For iPhone

Seemingly inspired by David Hockney’s arty tiling collages, You Gotta See This! makes it a snip to create multiple-image visuals of the world around you, Just wave it around, perhaps following interesting lines in the landscape, and the app joins your shots into a single frame. It’s as if you’d fired off a bunch of Polaroids and spread them out over a table. What’s cool is that it doesn’t try to join the shots precisely, instead scattering and overlaying them onto each other. Great fun.

If you have some top iphone apps for great photography in mind, please let us know by posting comments below.

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