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Bill Jackson is a test prep professional in Bethesda, MD who makes standardized tests and schoolwork less stressful for his students.

Some have even said that he makes test prep fun.

“After two months of working with Bill, I felt confident walking into that test room.  I used the skills he taught me and managed to score a perfect 36 on my first try (up from 29 in ACT practice).”–Julia S., B-CC student

“My daughter used ten individual sessions with Bill Jackson to improve her ACT score from 30 on a practice test to 34 on the actual exam.  Her commitment, and Mr. Jackson’s careful mix of rigor and encouragement, were responsible for this improvement.  His tutorial was professional, informed, and effective.  We are both very pleased with the program.”– D.V., B-CC parent

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“My son got a late start to tutoring, but in a short amount of time Bill helped him raise his score by almost 400 points! I think Bill’s style helped my son’s confidence in his performance on the SAT.”–Marie M., Washington Waldorf parent

“Bill helped my writing immensely. He helped me execute my ideas with clarity and precision. Bill was always patient yet direct, and pushed me to produce the best work I was capable of. ”—Michael K., magna cum laude, Univ. of Maryland