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Product Description

SARMZ is our cutting-edge patented (SARMS) Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator product that has changed the face of the bodybuilding and sports supplementation worlds.

This NEW novel class of androgen receptor molecules contained in SARMZ was designed to increase the body’s affinity to uptake androgens at a much higher rate of bio-availability! Many different benefits are achieved without manipulation of the body’s own natural testosterone levels but by increasing the rate at which your testosterone can be utilized correctly! SARMZ benefits include: increased energy, increased sexual drive, muscle recovery, increased protein synthesis, improved glucose utilization, and fat loss as well as endurance and strength increases! SARMZ is highly selective in its very unique actions which may avoid the following undesirable side effects: lethargy, excessive weight gain, water retention, increased estrogen, acne, hair loss, prostate enlargement and a complete shutdown of your own body’s ability to produce testosterone.

SARMZ also promotes an increase in metabolism, vascularity, and boasts many anti-aging benefits including prevention of bone loss amongst a multitude of other advantages in both men and women.

– Increases Affinity for androgen receptors – May Improve Blood Sugar profile – Increases the body’s ability to break down and process sugar – Promotes libido for both men and women – May Increase protein synthesis – Promotes fat loss & Vascularity – May improve metabolismAnti Aging Benefits

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