How to play M4P on Blackberry – how to download music to blackberry pearl

TuneClone Audio Converter Software

Convert any music format to unprotected MP3 via virtual CD burning

TuneClone Audio Converter is a very easy to use software that convert iTunes M4P,

WMA music files to plain MP3, easy to install, and easy to use via a simple user



How to play M4P on Blackberry?

how to download music to blackberry pearl

The BlackBerry Media Player on the Curve , BlackBerry 8800 and the BlackBerry Pearl could not play digital music on iTunes.

The .M4p files are not recognized on all BlackBerry devices. so the protected AAC files you previously purchased on iTunes

won’t work with BlackBerry Media Player. That’s because the iTunes tracks that you purchase and download are in a “protected”

AAC or M4P audio format and you can’t play them outside of the iTunes environment.

However, you can play the .m4p music files on your Blackberry device by converting the .m4p files to unprotected MP3 files

with TuneClone.

TuneClone is an audio converter software to help you convert the protected DRM (Digital Rights Management )

music files purchased from iTunes and other online music stores to unprotected mp3 files, so you can play your music files

on any devices of yours.

Normally, you can convert the protected music files to plain MP3 by burning your

music library to CD-R disc to make an audio CD with iTunes, then you can use

CD ripper software to extract the music files from the burned CD and save as

unprotected mp3 files. This method is working. However, it will waste you lots of

CD-R disc and time. The burning and ripping process is very slow. Furthermore,

the ripped back mp3 files lost all the track information, such title , album and artist etc.

TuneClone uses a virtual CD burning technology to simulate the burning and ripping

process and can convert M4P files to MP3 without any CD-R disc and do this work quickly.

TuneClone installs a virtual CD-RW, it helps you burn any unprotected or DRM protected

M4P, M4a, WMA music files onto the virtual CD, rips tracks on the virtual CD, encodes

tracks onto MP3, WAV or WMA music files. It can repeat this audio converting procedure

until your whole music collection is done.

Since the virtual CD emulates your computer RAM and hard disk as erasable CD-RW drive

(Virtual CD-RW), the converting speed is faster than any other m4p to mp3 conversion programs.

“I just wanted to send an email to let you know how great this product is. I had an iPod shuffle that shorted out, and when searching for

a new MP3 player, I liked other players much better than those sold by Apple. But I was upset to discover that none of the 100 plus

songs I had in my iTunes library could be downloaded to any other MP3 player but an iPod. It made me angry to realize that songs I

PAID for (not stole) were useless to me unless I purchased an Apple product, which I was loathe to after finding out about this.

Finding your product saved me, and my music. Now I can buy the MP3 player I want and not lose any of the songs I have bought.

Thanks so much!” — Tiffany

“I’ve been waiting a long time to ‘free my iTunes’ to use on my Walkman mobile phone,

and the only way I could do it before was to burn to CD then rip back again. A very

lengthy process, which normally ended up full of faults and a lot of wasted disks!!

Not any more!!” — David

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