Blogger Vs WordPress : A Comparative Study

blogger vs wordpress

The process of selecting a reliable blogging platform is tedious and confusing. You have have encountered or must be encountering such issue if you are planning to start your blog or migrate your blog. And the biggest confusion amongst this is to identify between blogger platform powered by Google or WordPress platform powered by open-source community. Here we compare Blogger vs. WordPress side by side.

Here I have tried to jot down some comparative study between blogger and WordPress that would help you decide your future course of action. Please note that the WordPress platform referred here is self hosted version from and not the service provided by

Blogger Vs WordPress

OWNERSHIP Blogger does not provide you the ownership of your,posts and contents. The control or ownership lies with Google. They have the,option to remove your blog or block your blog if you donot comply to their,terms and conditions. Google even have the rights to shut down the platform,completely as it has done with its other services Self hosted wordpress offers complete ownership under your control. Its your choice to continue it or drop it or how to use it. WORDPRESS
 CONTROL You have a limited control over the functionalities. The changes that you can do on your blogspot blog are limited, and there is no way you can extend them to meet your ongrowing need. Full control. You can use n numbers of widgets, plugins etc to customize it as per your needs. WordPress is based on open-source platform and hence you have various options to change it according to your needs  WORDPRESS
PROFESSIONAL LOOK You can customize the look and feel of your blog with the help of free and paid themes, but ofcourse there are certain limited themes available for blogger platform Relatively large number of themes and plugins are available to make your blog look more professional. You can even build a professional website of wordress using various themes available  WORDPRESS
PORTABILITY Moving your blog from blogger platform to new platform is a serious issue. You may tend to loose your search engine ranking, PR and traffic. That too, if you managed to retain all these, you have to maintain your blogger blog till the time you require your posts. WordPress offer great features if you plan to chage your servers, platform etc. Whatmore, you need not to maintain your earler blogs.  WORDPRESS
SECURITY This is the best advantage of having your blog on Blogger platform as it enjoys the robustness and strong security of Google servers. WordPress is on self hosted platform, hence you need to take care of its security. However, donot worry, wordpress inbuilt security is very effective and you can additionally enjoy various plugins that offers additonal security to your blog. Your hosting server also offers additional security for your blogs and websites. BLOGGER
 RISK  Blogger has the risk of shutdown by Google, as it has done to many of its other services such as Orkut, Google reader, Adsense for feeds etc. The ownership lies with Google to maintain or shutdown its platform WordPress is an open-source platform and not the property of any individual or a company. It belongs to the WordPress community which will never go down. Even if the community decides to close WordPress development, you still have the WordPress and your blog under your control and may decide to continue it further. After all it comes under your ownership  WORDPRESS
TUTORIALS / SUPPORT Limited Support & Tutorials Large number of user base, detailed how-to guides available, live forum for immediate support available  WORDPRESS
 COMMENTING Published automatically, when a human passes the human verification code Complete control over commenting. Admin has the rights to control which comment to publish and which not to be published  WORDPRESS
SEO/OPTIMIZATION Limited tools available for Search Engine Optimisation Numerous plugins available to enhance your SEO & SMO activities  WORDPRESS
IMAGE STORAGE LIMIT Max 1 GB of image storage allowed Depends upon your server. No Limits  WORDPRESS
MONETIZATION Limited functions to tweak your blog from monetisation perspective Various tweaks and tips available to monetise your blog more effectively  WORDPRESS
CMS/E-COMMERCE  Only blogs Blog, website, forum, fully functional e-commerce platform can be hosted  WORDPRESS

It is quite evident from the above comparison that WordPress is the clear-cut winner when it comes to power blogging.

What we suggest 

If you aspire to become a blogger and want to test your skills or are not technically very sound, go for blogger platform. However, if you have experienced blogging and plan to grow your career with blogging, go for self hosted WordPress.

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